Best Immune System Supplements: “Review Trivita’s Natural Options”

Trivita’s Nopalea Supplement For A Healthy Immune System

 Immune Meaning For Your Better Health For Today

Today, the medical field is standing as the first line of defense against diseases. Why? Because a majority of us have weak immunity. With an immune response that can’t fight pathogens, we are all prone to catching these infections. Fortunately, there are various ways you can promote your immune system. For instance, the intake of the best immune system supplements from Trivita’s natural options. Hold on for a review of the immune meaning for your better health for today.

Disease-causing organisms are here with us. In fact, scientists have proven that bacteria and viruses are almost everywhere. Meaning, every step you make might be leading you to catch a health condition. For that matter, you all need to ensure your immune system is well nourished to fight the microbes.

Different pathogens are known to cause infections. These illnesses can range from severe to mild. However, the fact that all the conditions aim at frustrating the immune system is an alert for you to stay safe. Here are examples of the disease-causing-organisms:

* Parasites:

They are organisms that depend on other living organisms for survival. Parasites are not beneficial to the host. In fact, they can grow and multiply tempering with the normal functioning of the host. Parasites, like any other living organism, release waste. That is after the normal metabolic processes. At times, these waste products are toxic to the body of the host. Thus, causing unappealing side effects on your immune system.

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The Unknown of Parasites

Parasites can live inside or outside the body. Irrespective of whether they are external or internal, these multi-celled organisms are not suitable for the body. Those that live on the skin can cause skin conditions. Also, they will break out the skin, causing you some pain. Internal parasites, for example, intestinal worms, can affect the digestive system. Their dependence on the food that you eat might result in less intake of nutrients by the body.

Better Health For Today Immune Reviews

By feeding on the food that you eat, intestinal worms can have a direct impact on your immune system. These parasites will consume the food that would preferably be used by the body. An insufficient supply of nutrients to the different body systems is not suitable for your health. Therefore, the elimination of these non-beneficial creatures is perfect for the body.

There are different ways to avoid contact with parasites. For instance, the external ones can be killed by the use of chemicals. The parasites that live inside the body can be cured by deworming. However, the main tactic of controlling these organisms is by practicing high hygienic levels. For example,

  •  Wash your hands thoroughly with running water and soap.
  • Carefully wash fruits and vegetables before eating as salads
  •  Cook your food well to destroy any available worm
  • Drink plenty of clean and fresh water to flush out any toxins in the body
  •  Eat a balanced diet. A steady immune response will destroy any invader that is harmful or non-beneficial to the body.

* Viruses

Better Health For Today Immune Reviews

A virus is classified as both living and non-living. They show features of a living organism when they find a way inside a host. However, when in a free state, they inhibit symptoms of a non-living body. And at this stage, they are called a virion.

Why Trivita? For Your Purpose Driven Life of Wellness

The Nature of Viruses

Viruses exist everywhere in the world. It is only that not all of them can affect a human. In many instances, viruses attack a specific target. That is why your dog can have a viral disease that doesn’t affect cats. Therefore, the cat will be healthy, whereas your dog is sick, yet they stay in the same environment.

These disease-causing-organisms can infect humans, plants, fungi, bacteria, and animals. There is no specific medication for a viral disease. The fight against viruses is left to the body. Therefore, your body’s ability to fight off the virus will cure you. However, there are vaccinations for different viral diseases. These vaccines help to protect the body from another attack.

A vaccine is a manipulated virus that is inserted into the body. In case of an attack by the virus, your body will be able to identify its activities quickly. And launch a specific tactic of fighting the pathogen.

Viruses work by inserting their genetic materials into the cell of the host. After which they temper with the normal functioning of the cells. This is done by the virus multiplying too fast than the ordinary multiplication. By doing so, the cell will lose its functionality to the viral activities. The virus then starts releasing antigens that fight and destroy the white blood cells. And other tissue cells.

How The Immune System Fights Disease-Causing Pathogens

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Though there are millions of microbes on the globe, it should not scare you to live to the fullest. The secret of a healthy life is found in the immune system. With a steady immune response, your body will be able to shade off these pathogens. For that matter, let us understand this system for a happy life.

What Is the Immune System?

It is the body’s defense system against infections. The program identifies and attacks the pathogen. By doing so, you will be healthy.


Are there any other parts of the immune system apart from white blood cells?

There are many organs and cells that work together to protect you against diseases. Leukocytes or white blood cells being among the parts of this critical system.

White blood cells come in different types. Some are called phagocytes. These cells function by swallowing the invading microbes. Lymphocytes are also a part of the white blood cells. They work by creating a record of an ‘attacker.’ Primarily through the chemicals, the pathogen will release into the body. The cells will then keep the structure of the antigen for future reference in case of an attack. Doing that helps the body to quickly destroy the microbe in recurrent attacks.


A neutrophil is a type of phagocyte that fight bacterial infections. And the body will release most of it during an attack by germs. That is why doctors will test the level of neutrophil in the body fluids to

identify if it is a bacterial infection. However, other phagocytes concentrate on the process of recording antigens for faster body response to the invaders.

Healthy Benefits Of Trivita’s Nopalea To The Immune System

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Product: Nopalea

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Nopalea is a delicious drink extracted from cactus fruit. The prickly pear cactus has different names depending on where it is found and its functions. Opuntia and nopal are some of the names of the tree species. The extract from the plant has a sweet taste. And in some regions, it is used as a desert. But that does not dispute the fact that this fluid has numerous health benefits.

Essential Amino Acids

Nopalea, a product of the plant, is a potent anti-inflammatory and antiviral remedy. The supplement is also associated with treating diabetes, hangovers, high cholesterol, and obesity. The ability of the fluid to offer treatment for these conditions is a plus to the immune system.

The plant is high in fiber, carotenoids, and has various antioxidant properties. As an antioxidant, the plant can help remove excess radicals in the body. Excessive waste piling up in the body system can trigger the development of health conditions.

Side Effects of Nopalea

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Intake of the supplement from Trivita’s company does not have adverse side effects on the body. However, individuals with some form of allergies may experience mild nausea, diarrhea, increased volume of stool, and abdominal fullness.

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Promoting your immune system strength is a move closer to healthy living. Intake of Nopalea can have numerous benefits to your body. And these services will help relieve your immune system from straining. Therefore, order for the natural supplement to keep your immune super active every day.

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  1. This is a great post and I appreciate the research that went into reviewing the supplements for immune system support.  I  am all about natural options so this helped a lot. I had no idea the cactus fruit was so beneficial for the immune system!  I’ve actually eaten cactus fruit on the trails backpacking in the desert just for fun, and it is delicious so I will be trying this out for sure

  2. This is some valuable information you have here. Before Coronavirus, I never use to wash my hands multiple times a day but this has got me more aware of the things we overlook. Now I wish my hands before I go out and when I get home.  I’ve also started washing my fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating them, whereas I didn’t care at all. Thank you for keeping us health-conscious!

  3. Thanks for sharing the article on health. Nopalea  may help reduce pain associated with inflammation; improve joint health; relieve swelling in muscles, and protect the health of the body’s cells. It neutralizes the body’s inner toxins and also helps to be the natural solution to inflammation.

    Do hope my contribution is helpful. Thanks best regards.

  4. Hello there thanks for this review. I find it educative and helpful. Well for me I think our immune system is what we make of it. It is not ok to maintain good cleaning hygiene but also the food we take into our system. It is advisable to eat out food as drug or we may end up eating drug as our food.

  5. Its imperative that we take good food with an adequate diet to help us build and strengthen our immune system… Our body is made up of cells of different dimension that helps to build our immune system and fight against infections and diseases.
    With a good intake of Trivita’s Nopalea Supplement For A Healthy Immune System, we can at a great length help build our immune system and stay healthy…our health should always be our number one priority in life so be sure to do whatever it takes to keep you healthy

  6. No doubt disease-causing organisms are here with us. All one needs to do to realize that fact is to take a look at the news on any given day. I appreciate the background information on parasites and viruses to go along with the Nopalea review. With Nopalea, I like how it not only has a delicious taste but has potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities as well. Seeing that it can be used to treat diabetes shows just how potent the product really is and that it comes with fiber, carotenoids, and antioxidants are outstanding. I am looking forward to checking this product out further through your link, and I will pass it along to some friends as well. Great recommendation!

  7. Hi Jack,

    Your article consist of a very comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand medical terms, which is usually above most people’s grasp. We’re now in week five of lockdown in our country, and up until today, the local bulletins that explained the Covid-19 virus, could not present a simple explanation as to your article.

    I have been involved in health products before, so I know a little bit about the functioning of the immune system, but the way that you explain everything, just makes it much easier to understand the functioning of the entire body.

    I have learnt quite a lot about the different attacks on the body,  eg, parasites, viruses, etc.

    Great article!

  8. Hi there, I have an autoimmune syndrome, so I am always interested to see articles on improving my immunity. I had not previously hard of Trivita as a company, so it is interesting to see this review on the products that are beneficial for the immune system

    I would be interested to know if these supplements and tea are organic, or does it have any additives or preservatives to enhance the shelflife. 

    1. Thank you always, LineCowley, for your ever so important and heartfelt comments within our better health for today blog, as they are so vital for our site’s ongoing growth potential in so many ways. I hope to hear from you soon, sincerely, Jack. P.S. Trivita is big on organics and all-natural supplements

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review with us, as we grow older mood, memory, cognitive function, brain health, and system immunity continue to be some of the most discussed topics.Trivita Nopalea helps to improve joint mobility and range of motion, improve neck and back motion, increases mobility and flexibility, lower elevated at-risk levels of C-reactive protein.I’d recommend this supplement for anyone. Thanks once again

  10. Thanks for sharing this amazing article on the best immune system supplements, reviewing Trivita’s natural options. The occurrence of this global pandemic Covid-19 has given us a more reason to always build a healthy immune system, it’s been proven without a doubt that a healthy immune system can help fight again this virus.  Trivita’s Nopalea is really the best option for a time like this.

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