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The body’s immune system is a sophisticated platform. It is made up of different components. Including cells, specialized organs, and chemicals that together protect the body against diseases. Like any other organization, the immune response system has various departments. And we refer to them as the parts of the immune system. They include antibodies, the spleen, the complement system, white blood cells, the lymphatic system, the bone marrow, and the thymus.

Each part of the immune program plays an integral role in the fight against microbes. That is why you need the best immune system support supplements like Trivita’s Amazon Herbal Tea.

Understanding The Immune System And Microbial Infections

To help identify a recurring attack and initiate a faster response, the immune system applies the following tactic. After every attack, the disease-fighting program creates and keeps a record of the pathogens. The process takes place in the two types of white blood cells. That is the B and T lymphocytes. For that matter, the two components are known as memory cells.

Therefore, whenever there is another phase of attack by the same bacteria, fungi, viruses, or toxins, it will be quickly recognized. And the defense procedure will start attacking the pathogens. This helps in quicker responses before the multiplication of the microbes.

There are infections like the flu and cold that can attack the body severally. This results from the presence of many strains of the same virus. Also, the occurrence of the different infections that can cause the conditions. For that matter, it becomes challenging for the body to develop immunity against this kind of illness.

An Incisive Guideline For The Parts Of The Immune System

As a defense mechanism, the immune system needs to be well established to protect the body. This is because of the millions of disease-causing micro-organisms you interact with them regularly.

Therefore, having a steady immune response is an assurance that you are well preserved in the case of a pathogenic attack. As earlier indicated, the immune system has different parts. And each is important in the fight against diseases. Discover the roles and functions of the Immune response system.Best immune booster supplements. The colorful illustration of wahts next in the horizon.

√ White blood cells.

This is part of the blood cells. However, unlike the red blood cells that supply nutrients and oxygen, white blood cells help you to fight diseases. In fact, cells are vital players in the fight against microbes. The white blood cells are created in the bone marrow. They are a part of the lymphatic system.

The reason why they are recognized as a composition of the blood is that they move through blood—thereby accessing every tissue in your body while looking for invaders. Such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, toxins, or parasites. Any sign of an attack from the pathogen will then trigger the launch of an immune attack.

White blood cells are part of the lymphocytes. Which includes the B-cells, T–cells, and natural killer cells. All of which help in the fight against pathogens.

√ Antibodies.

Antibodies help your body in the fight against bacteria, viruses, paradise, fungi, and the toxins they release during an attack. Antibodies can recognize antigens during an attack. An antigen is a substance available on the surface of the pathogen. It can also be present in the chemicals produced by the microbe during an attack.


The identification of an antigen is a confirmation that there is an attack or rather a foreign body around. In return, the antibodies will mark the invader and launch the process of destruction of the pathogen. The method of fighting the attacker will then take place. Where cells, chemicals, and proteins now get involved.

√ Complement system.

It is a protein-filled platform. The proteins available in the system play a more significant role by complementing the functioning of the antibodies. This acts as a booster to the disease-fighting process.

√ Lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is available throughout the body as a network of delicate tubes. These tube-like structure makes the system to be able to access every region of the body for which to respond to any attack. It serves different purposes. From which there are areas it acts as the central unit and in other incidences acting like compliment systems. Here are the leading roles of a lymphatic system:


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Fight cancer cells- a cell can become cancerous when infected by the toxins released by pathogens during an attack. This means the battery will start rapid multiplication, which can be hazardous to the healing process. These malignant cells need to be eliminated or stopped to avoid further damage to the body. The lymphatic system is essential during this process.

React to bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and toxins. These are disease-causing pathogen’s whole processes that need to be eliminated from the body to protect you from falling sick. Lymphatic system help in the attack against these microbes. Also, the T-cells and B-cells available in the system help to record the morphology of the antigen. This helps in quick responses in the case of another attack from the same pathogen.


Reduce fats available in the diet from the intestines. The structure of the lymphatic system entails fats. Therefore, the formation of the tube-like structure will help reduce visceral fats, which may not be healthy.

The lymphatic system comprises the white blood cells, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels.

√ Spleen.

The spleen is a small delicate organ in the body that plays a more significant role in the fight against diseases. It acts as a blood-filtering body organ. During the filtration process, the spleen destroys the damaged or old ten blood cells. Also, it removes the microbes available in the blood.

Cognitive Health

To fight against pathogens, the spleen makes disease-fighting components. That is lymphocytes and antibodies to help boost the immune system.

√ Bone marrow.

It is a spongy-like tissue located in the bones. The component plays an integral role in the formation of the blood. For instance, it produces white blood cells that the body in the fight against diseases. Additionally, it creates red blood cells, which are primary in the transfer of oxygen to every part of the body. Also, the bone marrow produces platelets, which is vital in the blood clotting process.

√ Thymus.

It is vital in regulating blood content. This is achievable by the close monitoring of the blood as it filters it. Also, the thymus produces white blood cells, namely T-cells.

Other Protective Organs Of The Body

  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Digestive tract
  • Body fluids like saliva, urine, skin oil, and tears

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A healthy immune system will keep you safe and healthy. However, with regular attacks from pathogenic activities, this part of the body needs a consistent boost. To endure the attacks. And ensure the destruction of the microbes.


Trivita’s Amazon Herb is a blend of botanicals to help improve your immune response. The natural tea contains various extracts that will ensure your defense lines are perfect and ready for attacking any invaders. This formula comprises the following blends:

√ Jatoba- It is an energy booster extracted from a canopy tree. Also, it supports gastrointestinal health.

√ Alfalfa— It is known for its richness in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Plus, it is high in iron and protein content.

√ Cat’s Claw— A common species in South America. It helps to support immunity.

√ Camu Camu— It is a fruit tree. Naturally small in size. Its fruits are rich in vitamin C.

√ Catuaba— Reduces mental and physical fatigue.

Essential Amino Acids

The Bottom line

Boost your immune system for healthy living. Because staying healthy has numerous benefits to your social, economic, and political life. You can achieve this through simple steps. Firstly, embrace your diet. Secondly, blend your healthy life with workouts. Three, be cautious when it comes to hygiene. And lastly, take a cup of Trivita’s Amazon Herb.

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