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Best Immunity Booster Supplements + Trivita’s Rainforest Treasure Tea

Boost Your Immune System With Trivita’s Rainforest Tea

Your immune system is a kind of a security firm. It protects the body from internal and external attacks. And the enemy is the disease-causing agents. Like any other military camp, different departments together help to maintain peace and order.

Your body comes in contact with thousands of bacteria, fungi, and viruses daily. For that matter, there is a need to keep your immunity fit. And we have a solution for you in regards to achieving a top-notch immune system. And the secret lies in the best immune booster supplements. Let’s review Trivita’s Rainforest Treasure Tea as the best immune booster supplement.

The Immune System Plays The Following Relevant Roles:

  • Protecting your body against disease
  • Protecting you from infections
  • Helping the body in the recovery process after an injury
  • Understanding The Immune System

An immune system is a complex disease-fighting platform. It comprises lymph and about five liters of blood. While blood is colored in nature, lymph is a colorless and transparent liquid. The substance is available in every part of the body. Because it passes through every body tissue.

These two fluids act as transport mediums. They transfer elements of the immune system to the areas of need. This initiates the body’s fighting process to fight the pathogen. Or the healing pattern after an injury or infection.

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Elements of The Immune System

√ White (knight) cells.

The white blood cells are a component of the blood that is known to fight disease. These cells are active in determining and initiating a fight against a disease-causing agent. Whereby it reacts at any slight sign of an attack. There are two kinds of white blood cells. That is the lymphocytes and phagocytes.

Blood Glucose

– Phagocytes.

Phagocytes are a kind of white blood cell that is able to move through tissues and blood vessels. In return, they fight the pathogen by absorbing or ingesting them. They function tactically. In that case, they target only harmful invaders. Which can be bacteria, fungi, viruses, or toxins.

Toxins are different from bacteria, viruses, or fungi. They are a natural element produced as a defense mechanism by other organisms.

– Lymphocytes.Best immune booster supplements. The colorful illustration of wahts next in the horizon.

They are perfect at identifying which kind of an attacker it is. After the phagocyte has absorbed the pathogen, it will send chemical signals to the lymphocytes. However, the process does not occur regularly.

Essential Amino Acids

A disease-causing agent carries a specific antigen. And this is unique in every case. On the other hand, lymphocytes carry antibodies. These are chemicals that fight the antigens identified in the pathogens. Your body comprises three kinds of lymphocytes. They include T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells.

B cells.

B cells are a kind of antibody that is active in attacking viruses, toxins, and bacteria that enter your body.

T cells.

They tactically destroy the B cells overtaken by viruses. And kill cancerous cells. The process is attained by the production of antibodies.


Natural killer cells.

They also offer the same functions as the T cells. By killing the infected cells and the ones that have turned cancerous. However, there is one difference in how natural killer cells operate. Natural killer cells destroy the cancerous and infected cells by the production of select chemicals or enzymes instead of producing antibodies.

The body’s immune system creates a new antibody in every antigen attack. But when a specific antigen attacks at the same time, a duplicate of the antibody produced in the previous attack is created. Making your body recurrently protect itself from the antigen. The creation of duplicate antibodies aids in the faster healing process.

Note: a single drop of blood contains approximately 25, 000 white blood cells. Remember, the cells last for a few weeks, and they die naturally. Though their production is regular.

Signs of The Body Responding To a Pathogen Attack

√ Fever and inflammation

Inflammation and fever are unpleasant signs that show the body is in the healing process. Inflammation comes in the form of swelling or rashes. It is a body healing process. But lengthened inflammation can be a sign for you to seek medical attention.

The procedure helps to release excess radicals in the body during an attack. Fever acts as a signal for the body to start releasing white blood cells. Also, it will prompt the immune system to restrict some organisms from multiplication. And increase the body’s metabolic process.

Inflammation is a response to the hormone histamine. The component is produced by damaged cells. As a result of histamine production, the affected cells will become dilated. In return bringing about pain, redness, heating, and swelling. The entire process will limit the effects of the antigen.

√ Sleep

The colorful illustration of a woman raising her arms in the air during sunset. Depticiting second chance.

Sleep is good for the body’s immune system during an attack. Though too much sleep should also prompt you to seek medical attention. Feeling sleepy from nowhere is a sign that your body is fighting a disease-causing pathogen. While sleeping, your body will find a humble time fighting the attacker. And not much damage will be done to the antibodies.

Sleeping for less than five hours hurts the immune system. A depressed disease-fighting system is prone to other infections, colds, and flu. Therefore, when the body says to have a nap, do not hesitate, it is necessary.

√ Feeling cold and desire sun exposure.

Vitamin D is naturally produced by the sun. Therefore, exposure to the sun is an instant source of the primary nutrient. Vitamin D has various functions. For example, it helps protect the body from heart disease, depression, and some types of cancers. Too much vitamin D can be harmful to the immune system. Therefore, follow the guidelines for how to acquire this nutrient healthily.

How To Keep Your Immune System Strong

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Your body is in daily exposure to disease-causing pathogens. And your immune system works harder to protect you. For that matter, you need to pay back by boosting the strength of the system. Here is how to energize your immune response:

√ Practice good hygiene.

Because you are exposed to these viruses, toxins, bacteria, and fungi practicing good hygiene is primary. For instance, wash your hands regularly with soap or sanitizer. This will help you wash away the pathogens from your hands. And touching your face will not be risky.

√ Create a healthy sleeping habit.

Sleep is good for the body. It allows enough time for the body to create new antibodies to fight against diseases. Thereby, improving the functionality of the immune system. In case of an attack.

√ Eat a balanced diet.

Vitamins are the sources of food that promote the immune system. Proteins aid in muscle formation. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body. Whereas, water, fiber, and minerals complement the diet. This means every part of the diet is vital for the body.

Best immune booster supplements. The colorful illustration of high a logo stating high quality

√ Exercise.

Keeping fit is essential for the body. Several health conditions can result from a lack of inappropriate exercise. The diseases can cause a strain on the immune system.

√ Use of immune booster supplements: Trivita’s Rainforest Treasure Tea

There are many immune supplements on the market. However, we are going to look at Trivita’s Rainforest Treasure Tea as an immune booster.

The Rainforest Treasure Tea offers a delicious and tasty blend of nature. It is instrumental in promoting energy, overall health, regeneration, and immune strength.


The delicate aroma and flavor will activate your senses at the same time, strengthening your body’s response system. One surprising fact about this tea is the absence of caffeine.

Ingredients of Rainforest Treasure Tea include the following:

√ Chance Piedra/ Quebra Pedra.

It helps to eliminate excess calculi formation. It thereby works by relaxing smooth muscles around the bile duct and ureter easing the release of these stones. Makes the intestinal environment to be unbearable for parasites. Treats different lung and airway conditions.

Heart Health

√ Jatoba

It is a plant commonly known to support pulmonary health and a healthy digestive system. Acts as an energizer.

√ Uña de Gato

The natural herb is a powerful antioxidant, therefore, offering several health benefits. Boosts immune system.

√ Stevia

Acts as a natural sweetener.

The dosage entails the use of one teabag per cup. Make the water hot then steep the tea bag for 5 minutes.

Cognitive Health


Enjoying Trivita’s Rainforest Treasure Tea comes with health benefits too. The tea will boost your immune system plus offer you other services. Enjoy the delicious stevia taste of the drink as you multiply the body’s ability to produce antibodies. These will help you defeat all disease-causing-micro-organisms.

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