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Best Natural Treatments for Diabetes: “5 Tips On Diet, Exercise & Supplements”

How To Treat Diabetes With Natural Supplements & Exercise

Diabetes, a common name for diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disease that is characterized by high levels of blood sugar. Normally, the hormone insulin moves sugar into your cells to be stored. Also, sugar can be broken down to generate energy. Developing this condition means that your body is either not making enough insulin or is unable to use the insulin it makes effectively. In this case, you’ll need the best natural remedy for diabetes through diet exercise & supplements.

When left untreated, diabetes mellitus damages your kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other organs.

The Various Types Of Diabetes:

The first one is called Type 1 Diabetes.

This is an autoimmune condition. This category of diabetes is identified when your immune system attacks and destroys your pancreatic cells. Remember that it’s in the pancreas that insulin is produced. However, the exact cause of this problem remains unclear. A study released by the WHO (World Health Organization) indicated that about 10% of diabetic people have this type.

Type 2 diabetes.

It occurs when your body develops a resistance to insulin. That causes sugar to build up in your blood.

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This is a condition that occurs when your blood sugar rises above the normal level. However, it isn’t higher enough to be declared type 2 diabetes.

Gestational diabetes.

The condition comes as a result of high blood sugar during pregnancy. The blockage of the hormone insulin causes this type of diabetes. The hormone is produced by the placenta.

Diabetes inspidus

This is a situation where the kidney removes excess fluids from your body. It’s not related to diabetes mellitus. For this condition, the body’s sugar level drops below normal.

Therefore, each type of diabetes has unique causes, symptoms, and treatments. However, we shall address the two main types. But before that, let’s look at the general symptoms of diabetes.

The General Symptoms Of Diabetes

The immediate symptom of diabetes is rising blood sugar levels. And the general signs and symptoms include the following:

· Sores that don’t heal

· Extreme fatigue

· Blurry vision

· Frequent urination

· Weight loss

· Increased thirst

· Increased hunger

Symptoms in men

Apart from the general symptoms, men with diabetes often develop poor muscle strength.

Symptoms in women

The development of diabetes in women is characterized by symptoms such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), and dry, itchy skin.

Therefore, everyone is at risk of developing diabetes. Whether it’s type 1 diabetes, type 2, diabetes mellitus, or diabetes inspidus, you need to find the appropriate medication. Diabetic symptoms are so mild at times and they can be hard to spot at first.

Causes Of Diabetes

The Main Goal of this Post is To Help Illustrate The Knowledge To Alleviate Diabetes In Your Life. Through Natural Remedies, Diet And Exercise!!

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The Main Goal of this Post is To Help Illustrate The Knowledge To Alleviate Diabetes In Your Life. Through Natural Remedies, Diet And Exercise!!

There are different causes for each type of diabetes. All of them require the best natural remedy for diabetes through diet exercise & supplements.

Type 1 diabetes

There’s no clear report on the exact cause of type 1 diabetes. However, it is suspected that the immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells producing insulin mistakenly. Doctors have lightly suspected a genetic disorder in this case.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, which was formerly called adult-onset diabetes, has become a major problem in recent days. It is now a big threat among children today. This type of diabetes is caused by the body’s consistency in resisting insulin. Also, the body can fail to produce enough insulin, which causes imbalances in your blood glucose level.

There’s no exact cure for type 2 diabetes. However, there are many ways of managing this situation. It begins with you taking control of your blood glucose levels. The right diet and exercise can be the first step toward controlling this condition. If not, you can contact your family doctor who’ll prescribe relevant medications that manage blood sugar levels.

A healthy diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, and physical activities are the first, and sometimes, very effective ways of controlling type 2 diabetes. However, if these ways aren’t enough to maintain the sugar levels in your blood, the doctor can guide you through other more effective medications that’ll work best for you. However, all these are unsure ways of treating the disease. All that people should know is to establish the cause of their diabetes problems.

Type 2 diabetes comes as a result of lifestyle changes and genetics. Being obese or overweight can increase your risk of developing diabetes. That’s because the excessive deposition of visceral fats around the belly can make your cells resistant to insulin activities on your blood sugar.

Diabetes Complications

Excessive blood sugar can damage the organs and body tissues. When the blood sugar rises, it can take longer to drop. That can be a recipe for disaster and many complications.

Complications associated with diabetes include:

· Dementia

· Depression

· Skin conditions (bacterial and fungal infections)

· Foot damage such as Sores that don’t heal

· Hearing loss

· Retinopathy and vision loss

· Nephropathy

· Neuropathy

· Heart disease, heart attack, and stroke

Also, uncontrolled gestational diabetes can affect both the mother and the baby. It can cause premature birth. Excessive weight in birth, stillbirth, jaundice, and low blood sugar levels. And the mother can develop high blood pressure.

Treatment of Diabetes

So, sticking with your health goals begins when you choose the right diet. Also, you may want to do enough exercise. That alone is a guarantee that you’re determined to be diabetic-free.

Doctors have attempted to treat diabetes with a few common medications. However, they haven’t been as successful all the time. There are drugs that they have attempted prescribing:

For Type 2 diabetes, the following options have been used to lower the sharpest symptoms of diabetes.

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors lower down the body’s ability to break down sugars and starchy


Biguanides. That reduces the amount of glucose that the liver generates

DPP-4 inhibitors. They improve your blood sugar without dropping it too low.

Glucagon-like peptides. They change the production of insulin by your body.

Meglitinides. These often stimulate the functioning of the pancreas. It enables it to release more insulin.

There are many other drugs for diabetes. Each one that your doctor prescribes will depend on the type of your condition. However, no medication can beat the biggest names of dietary supplements.

Diabetes-suppressing Supplements Diet, And Exercises.

Healthy eating plays a central role in the management of diabetic conditions. Studies have shown that changing your diet can control the disease.

Alongside the treatments that doctors can prescribe, diabetic people have recovered successfully with expert-approved herbs and supplements. These alternatives help reduce resistance to insulin, control blood sugar levels, and prevent diabetes-related complications.

Using Supplements for the Treatment of Diabetes

Continuous medication can be a reason for complications. They can damage your body organs, as every drug that the doctor prescribes has side effects. It is always best to allow the foods that you eat to offer you the essential vitamins and minerals.

However, it can take longer to draw the required amount of nutrients from the foods. That’s why many people are turning to alternative means of supplementation. In fact, according to the studies released last year by the American Diabetes Association, diabetic conditions are controlled by supplements more than ordinary medication.

However, you don’t have to use SUPPLEMENTS to replace standard diabetes treatment. You need to consult your doctor first. Several supplements have shown better results in diabetic patients. These include the following:

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deficient. That greatly contributes to most diabetes complications. Besides, low thiamine level is directly linked to blood vessel damage and heart diseases.

Thiamine is water-soluble. However, it sometimes resists solubility and entry into the bloodstream. So, it has

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A healthy lifestyle is a platform for a happy life. For a long time, diabetes has been a big challenge in the world. That has prompted the need for medication. Some types of diabetes — such as type 1 diabetes — are caused by factors beyond control. However, others — like type 2 diabetes are preventable. With increased activity, the right supplement, the best food choices, and weight loss you can beat any diabetic condition for good.

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