Best Supplements To Boost Our Immune Health: “5 More Tips”

Best Immune Booster Supplements by Better Health For Today

Immunity is the determinant of your general well-being. A stable immune system will keep you away from infections. Whereas a weak defense system will make you prone to infections. That is why we introduce you to supplements that boost immune health. Discover the best supplements that boost immune health; the best supplements to boost immunity.

This article will discuss the different types of supplements and their mode of action for your ultimate guide. Here is all you need to know!

Physiology is the study of different parts of the body and their functions. In comparison, some disciplines like anatomy explain the adaptation of these parts to offer good services. However, these subjects depend on the stability of the immune system. Do you know that pathogens are almost everywhere in the world?

Supplements That Boost Immune Health

1. Rainforest Treasure Tea™ (Click Here)

Natural herbs are the best supplements that can boost your immunity with little to no side effects. And a master blend of the Rainforest Natural Treasures is good to start your journey of boosting immunity.

Rainforest Treasure Tea contains different therapeutic agents. The herbal remedies include Quebra Pedra, Uña de Gato, Jatoba, Stevia, and Pau d’Arco. To attain a medically calculated form, the herbs are ground and mixed in a manner that produces the best flavor and ultimate impact on your general well-being.


A healthy society is a happy society. That is the beauty of a strong immunity!

Jatoba is a plant species mainly referred to as a canopy tree. It is a herbal source of energy. And this explains why the intake of the Rainforest Treasure Tea will make you energized for the day.

Further, the herb provides the body with remedies for gastrointestinal complications. Therefore, you can support your digestive health by embracing the intake of supplements.

Una de Gato

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It is a native species of the Amazon Rainforest. Also, it is popularly known as Cat’s Claw. South Americans commonly use the woody vine. The herb helps stimulate the immune system, thereby providing the body with enough antibodies to fight any form of infection. People take this herb as a relief for chronic illnesses. It is believed that the vine tree wards off poor health.

Pau d’Arco

The herb has both scientific and public recognition. As a result, several scientific research on the herb has been done concerning different health conditions. After a thorough understanding of the species, Pau d’ Arco officially has active naphthoquinones. These are the most effective substances with anti-inflammatory properties.

Quebra Pedra

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The herb is a common plant species in Brazil. It is highly recommended for patients with urinary health issues. The herb has properties that help reverse urinary infections.


Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories.

Suggestions for usage

You can use the Rainforest Treasure Tea as a dietary supplement by below guidelines:

Take daily, one teabag per cup of boiling water.

Allow the teabag to steep for up to 6 minutes or to taste.

You can enjoy the tea either hot or as a refreshing cold beverage.

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2. Vital C- (Click Here)

Our Vital C has no limits. Its impact on the immune system speaks for itself, especially today!!

What hits your mind at the mention of vitamin C? At times you limit the diverse effect of a particular medicine by using it for a single purpose. Our Vital C has no limits. Click here to check for the latest offers

Your body requires vitamin C for several functions. First and foremost is to stabilize the immune system. Therefore, there is no need for you to limit the intake of vital C to the calendar.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. Thus it is responsible for the removal of toxic chemicals from the body. It does that by blocking the damages that result from the presence of free radicals.

Benefits Of Vitamin C

The reason why you need regular intake is that your body creates free radicals naturally. And the accumulation of these substances can be fatal. The unstable molecules can result from exposure to harmful substances like tobacco smoke. Also, a number of them emerge after digesting food. The buildup of free radicals in the body systems results in the aging process.

Vitamin C promotes the growth and repair of tissues. This helps to maintain life. Remember, tissues are made up of cells. And a cell is a basic unit of life. And it goes through different processes such as growth, multiplication, and division. In the event of an infection, these cells may develop injuries and die in the process. As a result, there is a need for repair, replacement, and growth of tissues.

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– Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is found in blood vessels, skin, and blood vessels.

You need vitamin C to repair and maintain bones, teeth, and cartilage. These are essential structures in the body that help in different purposes. For example, bones help in the mechanical breakdown of food, cartilages protect the delicate inner organs. On the other hand, bones offer support and allow movements.

Your body depends on external sources of vitamin C. Plus, it is unable to store the component in its tissues. Purposely, there is a need for a regular supply of nutrients.

More about Vital C

Vital C comes in two major forms. The Vital C Crystal Powder is a fast release. And the Vital C Crystal Tablets that is slower release. Each of the dosages has amazing returns. The Crystal Powder is for the day and the Crystal Tablet is for the night. For effective results, consider the vitamin C supplement with Alfred Libby’s original formula.

3. Nopalea

Certainly, the intake of Nopalea guarantees whole-body wellness.

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The secret to healthy immunity is the elimination of inflammation. Nopalea is the key to the restoration of mobility and flexibility. Plus it will improve the general quality of life.

Inflammation is a natural body response to stimuli. However, chronic inflammation is the major underlying condition of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes.

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According to World Health Organization, acute inflammation is usually ignored by individuals. Unfortunately, this is the major cause of chronic inflammation. Therefore, there is a need for herbs that can help eliminate any form of unnoticed inflammation in the body.

Nopalea is a dense, delicious, and nutrient-filled drink from a prickly pear cactus fruit. The extract has antioxidants and detoxifying agents in its make-up.

For that matter, intake of Nopalea guarantees whole-body wellness.

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The Bottom Line

The journey towards a healthy whole-being is dependent on the techniques you partake in. The intake of supplements is one thing to follow at all times. Order the following immune boosters to achieve your healthy well-being.

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