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Can You Boost Your Immune System for Your Life of Wellness? “Trivita Login”

Why Do You Need A Stable Immunity?

What is the immune system? Are there any benefits of a healthy body defense system? Can you boost your immune system? You can get all the answers to these questions by reviewing your purpose-driven life of wellness. Here is a secret for you!

The Immune System

This is your body’s program that protects you from falling sick. The system comprises different parts. Each tissue serves a unique service. The stability of your body’s immunity is essential. That is why an incisive understanding of the program is necessary.

Naturally, the body comprises two main defensive programs. The first line of defense, and the second or secondary line of the immune system. Each part plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability of your body’s health.

In many cases, the first line of defense works by preventing pathogens from entering the body. Also, this defense system ensures that physical damage does not get to the inner body tissues.

The skin is the central part of the first line of defense. The structure of the skin exhibits this. First, it protects the entry of harmful rays of sunlight from entering the body. Ultra Violet rays can be damaging to normal body cells. They can trigger the development of malignant cells. These are cancerous cells that can be terminal to other body organs.Can You Boost Your Immune System: Trivita's Life of Wellness. The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

The skin also limits the entry of disease-causing organisms. Pathogens depend on attachment to a host cell. By doing so, it provides a platform to start manipulating the primary cells in different ways. However, the skin is rigid and has properties that make it hard for the microbes to penetrate the body system.

Because a majority of disease-causing agents die after some period of inactivity, the skin acts as a barrier. Therefore, reducing the rate of infection.

The Amazing Human Defense System

According to science, your skin comprises oil, hair follicles, melanin, and blood vessels, among others. Melanin acts by preventing the entry of harmful sun rays. On the other hand, the hair follicles trap dust, pathogens, plus other agents from entering the body. The oil deposits provide nourishment to the skin. It protects this body part from drying out and forming wrinkles.

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Blood vessels are also available as part of the skin structure. The vessels supply the skin with nutrients. Oxygen, water, and food get to the skin through blood vessels. The provision of nutrients to the skin makes it to be steady. And rigid to the extent that pathogens can not quickly enter the body.

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The skin provides ultimate protection when it is in a healthy state. However, injuries to the skin can provide a platform for microbes to access the body system. Also, there are areas in the body that act as entry points to pathogens. The eyes, ears, mouth, and nose serve as the main entry points. It is for this matter that we advocate for proper hygiene. Working unhygienically can expose you to infections.

The second line of the immune defense system is the program that identifies and eliminates pathogens. Through this program, any foreign invader is closely monitored. And once the body concludes that the foreign substance has harmful effects, appropriate measures are then initiated. Whereby the attacker will be eliminated from the system before damages happen.

However, this is not the unfolding of the events in all incidences. Because there are times when your immune system is not stable. This reduces the chances of your body’s ability to eliminate the attacker. As a result, you are providing room for the invader to continue attacking the healthy cells.

Five Benefits of a Stable Immune System

Immunity against diseases is primary for healthy well-being. The fact is that disease-causing pathogens are available all over the world. Admittedly, exposing every living organism to infections. However, if you have a stable immune system, it becomes easier to navigate this world. And below are the benefits of having a sound immune system:

Heart Health

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1. Protects the body against the entry of the disease-causing pathogens

Falling sick is a confirmation that you are infected with a pathogen. This means the body did not take relevant actions during the entry time of the microbe. And this can be attributed to the weakness of your immune system.

A stable immune system works by thoroughly checking through the body’s systems. This provides a platform for the identification of any foreign invader. Once the body identifies any kind of unusual development, the right measures need to be taken.

Regular check-ups can result in the early identification of pathogenic actions. After which your body will launch an attack on the invader. Therefore, pathogenic activities are stopped at the entry point.

2. Identifies pathogens

The identification of microbes is a crucial stage in the healing process. Failure to make accurate diagnoses can lead to more damage to the body. A weak immunity can offer a delay in the process of identifying a pathogen. In the end, this can put you at risk of catching an infection.

The body identifies pathogens by reading through its antigen. This is a chemical substance produced by a disease-causing organism. The antigen is produced to attack healthy cells.

Cognitive Health

Therefore, improper identification of an attacker can lead to a delayed response. Even further comprising the steps to be taken while eliminating the virus or bacteria.

A weak immunity can also lead to occasions when the body attacks healthy cells. This is called an autoimmune disorder. Doctors refer to this occurrence as an infection of the immune system.

3. eliminates microbes

Microbes are disease-causing agents. They are also called pathogens. The agents can be bacteria, viral, parasites, and fungi. Each has a unique way of attacking healthy cells. And the medication for all ailments depends on the cause of the disease. For example, bacterial infection requires antibiotics.

4. Creates a memory of the previous attacks

This mechanism is created by the body to ensure a quick response in the event of a reattack. Your body will refer back to the system to confirm the kind of antigen produced by the invader. Then appropriate measures will be initiated.

5. Eliminates dead and damaged body cells


During the process of eliminating pathogens, the body cells are affected. Allowing this type of cells to continue staying in the body can be tedious to the immune system. For that matter, the system eliminates them to create a position for newer cells.

Can you boost your immune system? Yes, you can! By following Trivita’s wellness plan, you will enjoy the benefits of stable immunity. Follow the right diet, go for workouts, ensure regular checks ups, and build a healthy body. Not forgetting Trivita’s natural supplements.

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