Common Symptoms Of Liver Disease: “Good Food Supplements For Liver Health”

Managing Liver Disease for Your Purpose-Driven Life

The liver is one of the largest body organs; it, therefore, controls how you behave. Thus, any slight change will trigger a change in the entire body’s functions. As a result, understanding the early symptoms of a liver condition will lead to early diagnosis and successful elimination of the problem. At an early stage, good foods for liver health help in the healing process. Further leading to healthy general wellbeing.

The liver is a delicate organ found on the right hand of the abdomen, just under the rib cage. It functions by eliminating toxins from the body, storing glucose in glycogen, and digesting food, among other activities. Therefore, it is important to know more about the liver, its functions, infections, causes,

remedies, and preventions, among other factors. And here is where you get all the information.

Types Of Liver Infections: Common And Rare Conditions

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It is important to know more about the liver, its functions, infections, causes, remedies, preventions

Parasites and viruses reduce liver function. They infect the liver cells (hepatocytes), leading to inflammation. The liver is a delicate organ, consequently, pathogens-, disease-causing micro-organisms, can easily penetrate the organ leading to its damage. How can one become susceptible to a liver infection?

Mode of liver disease transmission:

For instance, viruses that feed on liver cells spread through semen or blood. Also, the intake of contaminated food or water is another way of getting the infection. Furthermore, close contact with an infected person may lead to the transmission of the infection.

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Types of liver infection include:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Immune system abnormalities
Cancer and other growths
Certain prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs
Chronic alcohol abuse
Certain herbal compound
Fat accumulation in the liver

Risk factors

These are factors that may increase your risk of contracting the liver disease:
Type 2 diabetes
Tattoos or body piercing
Family history
Exposure to body fluids of an infected person
Heavy alcohol use

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NOTE: Complications of liver disease vary depending on the causative agent. Fortunately, early treatment of the condition leads to full healing. However, all untreated liver diseases lead to liver failure. This is expensive to manage and is life-threatening.


The liver acts majorly as a protective organ of the body. Because it helps to filter out toxins from the blood. As a result, a compromised liver will lead to the spreading of toxicity to other body organs leading to further damage. Purposely, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of the disease for early treatment. Here are the symptoms you should be wary of:

Abdominal pain and swelling
Itchy skin
Jaundice (yellowish appearance of the skin and eyes)
Dark urine
Chronic fatigue
Swelling in the ankles and legs
Pale stool color
Nausea and vomiting
Tendency to bruise easily
Loss of appetite

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To avoid damage to your liver, there are factors for consideration. And these are the same elements that once-neglected act as causative agents or risk factors for liver disease.

1. Get vaccinated.

Vaccines act as preventive mechanisms for several infections. Therefore, go for Hepatitis A or B vaccine for ultimate protection from the infection. This will help you in case you are at risk of contracting the hepatitis vaccine. Or you have already been infected with the hepatitis virus.

2. Follow the Doctor’s prescription when taking drugs: Medication is meant to cure or prevent. But inappropriate use may lead to conditions, especially in the liver. Consequently, take drugs only when needed and according to their dosage. Don’t drink alcohol while on medication or mix the two. Consider talking to a specialist before using herbal supplements.

3. Contaminated food can act as a source of liver disease. Consider thoroughly cleaning your hands before touching, preparing, or eating food. Wash raw food, thoroughly before eating. If traveling, consider packing clean water or buying bottled clean water.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol or drinking in moderation: Alcohol puts you at risk of contracting liver diseases. Preferably, avoid alcohol unless otherwise.

5. Avoid risky behavior. Viruses that infect the liver may be contracted through intercourse with an infected person. Opt for use of protective measures like condoms. Also, avoid sharing needles to inject drugs. Avoid contact with other people’s body fluids, especially blood.

6. Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity is a risky factor in general wellbeing.

Good Foods For Liver Health: A Supplementary Diet

A well-balanced diet is a necessity for a healthy liver. This organ serves numerous functions. Note that, by nourishing it, you protect the liver from any damage. However, a diet alone may not provide sufficient nutrients for the organ. Thus a need for a supplementary diet. discusses good food for liver health.

Vitamins help to improve the immune system. They are available majorly in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins help to protect liver health. Therefore, enabling early elimination of pathogens before they damage the liver cells.

Vitamins act as antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory. As antioxidants, they stop the oxidation of free radicals that can be damaging to the liver cells. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins help eliminate chronic inflammations in the liver.

Intake of vitamins needs to be in large portions. And Trivita offers a boost to the diet with the following supplements:

The liver acts majorly as a protective organ of the body. It helps in the detoxification process. That’s why Vital C is essential.

This is an ascorbic acid blend of the Trivita company.

It serves a myriad of functions. And offers top-notch returns when used according to the prescription.

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Vital C comes in two forms, slow dissolve, and crystal powder. Each serves ultimately

It helps stop chronic inflammation. Furthermore, it stops the oxidation of toxins in the body.

This is another anti-inflammatory supplement from Trivita–, with plenty of antioxidants.

It helps stop chronic inflammation. Furthermore, it stops the oxidation of toxins in the body.

Nopalea is 100% plant extract. With that said, the supplement poses no side effects to the user. And has no chemicals that can lead to toxicity in the liver.

Unhealthy Cholesterol absorption in the body systems can lead to obesity.

Fats are beneficial to the body. That is why you need to encompass them in your diet.

However, excessive intake of the same can lead to liver problems. Unhealthy Cholesterol absorption in the body systems can lead to obesity. Which is a risky factor in liver diseases. To solve this problem, we advocate for Cholestria.

This is a formulation that reduces cholesterol absorption in the body. The supplement contains plant sterols. These are elements that provide an alternative substrate for absorption. It also contains other ingredients that help stop the accumulation of cholesterol in the body.


The liver is an essential organ in the body. Therefore, it is better to maintain it for your general health and wellbeing. Infections may be challenging to curb. However, by embracing the preventive measures, you will be on the safer side. Good foods for healthy liver are the best therapy for your general wellbeing.

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