Health Article On Nutrition for Your Healthier Lifestyle

Health Article of Nutrition That Will Reveal You’re True Identity

Over the last decade, healthy eating -and living – has been the craze with every other person, either an ardent gym member or a (wannabe) nutritionist. This has mainly been occasioned by the rising mortality rates from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cancer, which have devastatingly ravaged developed countries and the third world alike.

Almost every person out there knows a family member, friend, famous person, or friend of a friend who died from cancer, heart attack, or diabetes. This has prompted a sudden rise in the search for quality health information about nutrition over the years, in a bid to reduce the prevalence rates associated with these diseases.

The outcome? Thousands of articles on nutrition and healthy eating have continued to be published all over the Internet, to meet the constant demand. Here is our take on the top health article on nutrition.

The rise of health articles

As mentioned above, the number of articles that handle healthy nutrition is at an all-time high (and the number is only going to increase). From posts on treating eating disorders to guides on the benefits of drinking water, the Internet is awash with everything you will ever need to know. To be fair, most of these articles are relevant to their different audiences, although some are nothing but outright advertisements.

With that said, what are the different types of health articles about nutrition, that will reveal you’re true identity?

Advisory Articles – These are typically articles meant to give readers guidance and direction on the best nutritional habits for great health. They are written in a calm, advisory manner, with some snippets of information as well as statistical data thrown in for good measure.

Advisory articles can be written by doctors, nutritionists, or even self-taught fitness freaks. They are the most popular types of health articles among the masses, as they’re often written in layman’s language.

Research Articles – As the name suggests, research articles are there to present findings from scientific research done on various aspects of nutrition and healthy eating.

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For instance, you can have an article on how too many carbs affect your weight or the foods proven to cure diabetes, and so on. The main aim of research articles is to present scientific research in a way that everyone will understand, and are hence accompanied by charts, figures, and citations from past studies. They’re not there to make you feel good or direct you but are created to inform and educate.

Training Guides

– These kinds of articles are mainly written by health and fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers and are meant to give specific instructions. They don’t offer much in terms of content and are primarily designed to give direction to beginners looking to get started on a certain aspect of health, fitness, and nutrition.

Food Blogs

– Of course, you can’t talk about health and nutrition without looking at various foods. Food blogs not only examine the nutrient content of different types of foods but also cover various ways to prepare said foods.

The information contained in food blogs ranges from recipes to posts on the pros and cons of particular foods and even when to eat or not to eat certain foods. They may not have been as popular in the past, but food blogs (and now, vlogs) are rising up the popularity chart very fast. As you know, food is life!

Types of Content Contained in Health Articles

As you have seen in the above section, health articles contain a wide range of information and content to cover the needs, and situations of different types of people. Generally, the most common types of content that you’ll find in health articles include:

1. Tips on Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the most lethal killers in first-world countries. The fact that millions of people lead sedentary lifestyles with little to no physical activity involved further exacerbates the situation. Moreover, more than half the population in developed countries is struggling with weight issues which, apart from messing up their physical appearance, puts them in the danger zone health-wise.

Even worse, obesity is the gateway to more dangerous and fatal conditions like heart attacks and cancer, and as such, there have been concerted efforts from governments, NGOs, consumer agencies, and ordinary people themselves to prevent obesity, in children and adults.

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It, therefore, follows that the most searched and widely read health articles have to do with weight loss and weight management. Articles on the topic touch on anything from foods to avoid when on a weight loss program, how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, and guides on creating effective weight loss programs.

2. Muscle Gain

Some people peruse health articles for information on how to achieve top health, while some look for guides on achieving a chiseled shape. Whether it’s upcoming bodybuilders, athletes, wannabe models or just random guys looking to have nice bodies, lots of people are always searching for muscle gain articles and guides. And obviously, high demand necessitates supply, and there are indeed countless articles on the topic.

From a nutritional perspective, such articles touch on, among others, topics like the best food groups for weight gain, recommended portion sizes, and what foods to avoid at different periods.

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3. Cooking Tips

The amount of nutrients you can derive from certain foods is to some extent, dependent on your cooking methods. Some sites and blogs discuss this in varying levels of detail, and despite this type of content not being as popular as the two above, it is equally as important, if not more important.

This is because food plays a major role in attaining fitness, and no matter how good your fitness regime is, you won’t achieve much if your cooking and meal preparation is poor.

Luckily, there are lots of articles online related to this topic and more specific things like how long you should cook certain types of meals, different ways to prepare meals, and how to measure calorie content.

4. Disease Management

Nutrition plays a big role in alleviating the effects of diseases and physical injuries. You will find a lot of articles and sites dedicated to the topic. From a general standpoint, health blogs publish articles highlighting different superfoods that help in treating or managing various conditions. For instance, a blog may publish a post on the best dietary remedies for diabetes and might even throw in a couple of exercise routines.

The more specialized blogs may go a step further and analyze how a given food helps in treating a certain illness. For example, how the nitric oxide in red beets can help in lowering blood pressure or how a diet primarily consisting of whole grains can help in treating diabetes. Specialized articles have more information, including statistics and citations and typically give more information on food content than general articles.

How to Search for The Best Health Articles

As we mentioned earlier, most health articles are written by bloggers who have limited knowledge of nutrition and medicine. These types of people are in to make a kill and will regurgitate some generic info, mixed with a bit of clickbait to bring more traffic to their blogs and as you know, more traffic, more money.

With that in mind, there are several ways to search for the best health articles that not only furnish you with new knowledge but also do so in a detailed, comprehensive manner. Here are 3 such ways:

1. Optimize your Search Words

Presumably, you are searching for a detailed article and not just a step-by-step guide. Thus, avoid using words like “how-to” “ways of”, etc while searching for health articles. Instead, use phrases like “what causes” and “how does” and perhaps add ‘what research shows about xx’ when looking for information on different food types.

2. Look at The Site Address

We’ve talked about the common practice of click-baiting by health bloggers, most of whose articles are irrelevant and full of keywords designed to give them a higher ranking on Google. So, be wary of most of the top search results as they may not contain the right information. Instead, you should also look for sites that appear on other pages on the search engines. You will be surprised to find credible and factual information compiled by scholars and professionals for non-profit purposes.

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3. Verify the Author’s Details

First and foremost, avoid healthy articles by anonymous writers for obvious reasons. Secondly, try to run background checks on any writers whose articles arouse your curiosity.

Check their various social profiles, particularly LinkedIn, and look at their past work as well as academic and professional accomplishments. You don’t want to read, and believe something you read only to find out later it was all made up by a quack nutritionist.

In Summary Our Health Article of Nutrition Post

Your health and fitness are fully dependent on your nutritional habits, which are in turn dependent on the type of information you come across. It is, therefore, our hope that this article on health articles about nutrition, that will reveal you’re true identity will help you in your journey.

This article within our better health for today Blog has truly been a blessing to articulate for the benefit of every person out there that is seeking the best way to gain the health of their dreams, without the hype of over-exaggerating bloggers trying to make a quick dollar. Our better health for today as a nation has become a pivotal milestone of who we can trust, and yes that even includes our physicians at times. and definitely the Big Pharma!!

Please feel free to leave your engaging and knowledge-bearing comments below, for the benefit of all who visit this blog, as they are looking for TRUTH as well, and I will only continue to grow through your persistence.

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