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How To Live Happily The Trivita Way

The only solution for living a healthy and prosperous life is to avoid falling sick. Why? Because there are health conditions whose hospital bill can turn a millionaire to bankrupt. That is the reason why at Better Health For Today, we dedicate our lives to ensuring you are safe, sound, and healthy. We achieve this by offering you both spiritual, emotional, and physical support. Through our partnership with Trivita, we supply immune boost products for a happy living. Health is wealth for your purpose-driven life in the Trivita way.

As a parent or guardian, there is much expected from you. It can be paying for your kids’ school fees, water, and electricity bills, and the purchase of basic needs, among others. Occasionally, the bills might go beyond your net pay. This may force you to slice the expenditures to remain within the pay. Now imagine adding hospital bills to the already tight budget!

Falling sick is not the desire of anyone. Not unless you have your unimaginable reasons. But we often fall ill after all. Why? Disease-causing pathogens are almost everywhere in the world. And a majority of them you can not see with naked eyes. This makes it challenging to escape from these microbes.

Health Is Wealth. The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

According to recent reports, starting a chemist or hospital is well paying. Meaning, people are spending much on medication. And the sad news is that a majority of these medical expenses you do not plan for them. Sickness can have a toll on your pocket if you do not invest in prevention.

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. It doesn’t matter what legal business you do to earn a living. At the end of the day, your little effort will have an impact on the economic state of your country. Therefore, being productive in your field of work will go beyond what you see.

Impacts of Sickness on Family, Friends, And Nations

Having a health condition can be strenuous. Not just for you but you’re surrounding too. This can, later on, affect your social, economic, and political being. Therefore, there is a need for you to be healthy all the time.

The pains that sickness causes can make you develop sleep disorders. In fact, a majority of sleep disorders come as a result of an underlying health condition. The inability to naturally fall asleep is a reality that many go through. And the effect is reduced productivity.

To naturally radicals, your body needs enough rest. That is at least five hours per night. The body has a biological clock. And once it is time to sleep, your body needs to alert you automatically. However, the pains that come with chronic inflammation can suppress the production of sleep hormones.

Insufficient sleep can lead to stress. And stress has much to do with your social life. Stress can make someone have suicidal thoughts. Lengthened periods of worrying can also affect your decision-making process.

Why Trivita? For Your Purpose Driven Life of Wellness

Sickness affects the productivity of a person. Not feeling well will automatically change the kind of service you offer. Again, communication with customers can hit a rock due to the underlying pains. The two factors will impact the output of your labor. This might, in return, lead to financial constraints. Your family and friends will feel the outcomes of reduced cashflows.

A lot of money is spent on hospital bills. This can lead to little or no cash flow. As a result, limiting the purchase of some essential commodities. The change in the financial status may have emotional impacts on you, your family, and friends.

How To Achieve A Healthy Wellbeing

You can be safe from diseases. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps. But in the long run, you will use your medical bills on essential activities. Plus you will enjoy a healthy life. Here is all you need to do!

* Exercise

Health is wealth. The picture of a woman and little girl exercising in the park.

You need to spare time for a little exercise. This will help your body in different ways. Workouts are a necessary element when you want to achieve the following;

– Keep fit

Achieving six-packs or curves does not come by watching tutorials. You have to get down to business. And that entails sparing some minutes in the gym. This is the way to maintain your desired body shape.

– Flexibility

Flexibility and mobility are essential aspects of life. If you stay long without a little exercise, you may start experiencing rigid joints. Whereby you feel pain in the joints and muscles. This can lead to difficulties moving from one point to another. A person with stiff joints is at high risk of developing fractures as compared to a flexible person. For that matter, you need to invest in workouts for a flexible body.

– Cutting weight

Excessive fats can lead to obesity. This health condition can expose you to several diseases. Therefore, it is better to shade off some fats when the need arises. During workouts, the body will require more energy than when at rest. Thereby triggering the body to burn some calories as a boost to the energy levels.

– Strengthening the body muscles and bones

Health is wealth. The picture of a food chart depicting fruits, vegetables and meats.

Exercising is one of the ways to stronger. During workouts, you apply some extend of tension to the muscles and bones. In the process, you will be capable of holding the set level of pressure for sometime before you get exhausted. That is why people that go for regular exercise do not experience muscle cramps after the process. However, you will experience the burning sensation if it is your first time to hit the gym, or you have taken an extended time to exercise.

At times, the day to day activities might hinder you from going to the gym. But that needs not worry you in this digital era. You can order a home elliptical machine. These devices will offer you the ultimate levels of calory burning.

In case you are yet to order for your elliptical machine, fret not. You can still burn some calories through jogging, doing indoor and outdoor chores plus cycling.

* Healthy diet

Whatever you eat will dictate the strength of your immunity. A healthy diet is one that boosts your immune system and provides your body with enough energy. Also, it needs to ensure the replacement of damaged cells and tissues. A diet that dictates the intake of at least eight glasses of water per day.

Health is wealth. The illustration of a clear water fountain.

Vitamins, minerals, water, carbohydrates, proteins need to be available in your diet. Your body depends on the food you eat for survival. Therefore, you need to be selective about what you eat.

Smoking, drug abuse, and excessive drinking are not healthy for the body. Also, regular intake of fried foods like beef, French fries, among others, can have unappealing impacts on the immune system.

* Avoid stress

Stress is a natural reaction that can be damaging if not controlled. The emotional tension comes as a result of too much worrying or anxiety. When emotions go beyond what your body can accommodate, it becomes disastrous. And this can have an impact on your health.

Controlling stress is easy. All you need is to accept that you are a victim of the disorder. Then identify what the trigger is. After which, take control of the situation by either of the following:

– Adapting to the circumstance

– Eliminating or avoiding the stress trigger

Following the above guidelines will work better when you find your spiritual self. Believing in the power beyond human recognition will keep you motivated throughout the journey. Spiritual wellness is the foundation of healing. Remember, stress comes as a result of feeling helpless. But understanding that there is God who is all-knowing, powerful, and everywhere is the key to life.

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Supplementing your diet is elemental in boosting the immune system. Trivita, as a firm supplies different healthy and natural supplements to cater to any deficiency in your diet. The products are finely extracted and purified to achieve the standard of satisfaction. The blending of different botanical products helps to provide various benefits from a single intake.


You don’t need to sacrifice much to live a happy life. In fact, practicing a healthy lifestyle is more luxurious than spending time on no beneficial activities. There is nothing as rewarding as providing your body with essential items for its metabolic processes. Order the following Trivita products for a Healthy Self.

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20 Replies to “Health Is Wealth For Your Purpose Driven Life The Trivita Way”

  1. Jack thanks for the post. Though I  don’t struggle with inflammation the information was still very beneficial and thorough. Being healthy and well rounded in my diet and activities has always been hard for me. 

    Do you think that everyone should be taking supplements? I feel generally pretty healthy but I wonder if there is something that my body is missing? 

  2. Excellent way to spread health awareness to the world Jack! These are really simple tips, yet a lot of people really don’t care to follow through with them. Trivita sounds like a really good program to help people get and stay on track with the easy to use supplements. I know that’s the hardest part for some people, keeping a healthy diet so making it easy with just using some supplements would be a lot better.

  3. Wow thanks for this brilliant article about staying healthy.  I totally agree, and in fact, I’ve read a report recently that nearly 70% of bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by medical bills.   Not only that, but those bankruptcies were by people who even had health insurance.  Staying healthy is definitely the best way to get and stay wealthy!

  4. Stress is one of the biggest detriments to my health and wellness. It impacts what I eat, how often I exercise, and how much energy I have physically and mentally. I just don’t know that it’s as simple as identifying and eliminating stress triggers. Some of my triggers are necessary. So, how do you suggest we deal with stressors that we cannot just get rid of easily?

  5. Hello there! this is an amazing article you have got here. I appreciate your effort in putting this together to help everyone who comes across it as it has helped me. I stopped engaging in my normal workout which I do before now, but I think its time to go back to it just so I can be fit and also strengthen my immune system.

  6. Hello,  It’s a popular saying,  but it’s so true that health is wealth and prevention is better than cure,  In these days where we are that diseases and viruses are everywhere it is very important that one stay healthy and make sure their immune system is really balanced and this really can be achieved by the food we eat and the supplement we take,  thus from all  you have reviewed on trivita product I honestly think it worth getting especially now that we are in a pandemic the importance of a balanced immune system cannot be overemphasized. 

  7. Hello Jack, a big thanks to you for sharing this beautiful piece on the topic titled ” health bus wealth for your purpose-driven life the trivita way”. I so much agree with you  that one doesn’t really needs  to sacrifice much to live a happy life. Exercise, rest, sleep are very advantageous to one’s health. Trivita has been proven beyond doubt to be one of the best supplements providers. They are very reliable. 

  8. Awesome review I must confess, this review is actually one of the best have come across for the day…One can never really know how privileged he or she is not feeling sick, but when you fall sick you will understand the importance of a healthy body… I really did enjoy your tips on how to keep healthy cos I value my health much more than anything you can imagine so I do welcome any tips to keep healthy..
    Thanks for the awesome review and I really need to share it too…

  9. Hey nice article you have there. Thanks for making public health your priority. It is a clear fact that the cost of preventing a disease/sickness is much smaller than the cost of treatment. Your thoughts about living healthy are quite unique and invaluable. I will definitely do well to follow the tips and have some Trivita supplements. Regards.

  10. hello there I must say this is one of the most important articles I have seen today and should be taken seriously by other viewers, we can’t stress the importance of health more than it has been here. As said exercise is so much important and should be incorporated as a daily routine in everyone’s life, you mustn’t be looking to get rock solid abs but that doesn’t mean you should be obsessed either a little aerobics should do to get the heart pumping.

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