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How to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy + 5 Tips on TriVita’s Top Health Supplements

For the diet to make sense to the body, digestion must take place. By this I mean your body can not absorb the food you eat directly. Another fact is that your lifestyle will determine the health of your digestive system. With these facts in mind, let us learn how to keep your digestive system healthy: 5 tips for your healthier lifestyle.

5 Tips To Keep Your Digestive System Healthy With Better Natural Supplements

As earlier indicated, your choice of food among other lifestyle adjustments will affect the way your alimentary canal behaves. As if that is not enough, here are the top tips to keep your digestive system healthy! But before we get there, do you know what a digestion process is? Here we get you covered with our incisive content delivery platforms.

Understanding Your Digestive System

Food digestion is the mechanical and chemical breakdown of foods into components that can be easily absorbed by the body. This process starts in the mouth. At this juncture, food is mechanically broken down into smaller particles by your teeth. To make it easier for the food to pass through the food pipe, there is saliva in the mouth.

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Keeping your digestive system healthy is within your grasp to achieve the goals set forth to establish your life of wellness!!

Saliva is produced by the salivary glands. Its major task is to moisten the food you swallow. Also, the mucus texture of the saliva helps to form balls from the food for easy transportation to the stomach. Saliva also has an enzyme called salivary amylase. Renin is also another enzyme found in kids. This kind of enzyme helps to digest milk in infants.

From the mouth, the food gets to the esophagus. Through this muscular tunnel, your food gets to the stomach. Here, there is a lot that happens. For instance, the stomach has acids and enzymes. These chemicals help in the process of digestion. The stomach is lined up with muscle tissues by the name of rugae. These muscles contract and relax periodically to enhance digestion. Also, the stomach has a muscular valve that opens to the small intestine. The muscular valve is called the pyloric sphincter.

As you have seen, food goes through a long process before it becomes relevant to the body. Unfortunately, any hiccup along the way can lead to inappropriate functioning. That means you have to keep the digestive system healthy. But how? Here are the key secrets!

Tips For A Healthy Immune System

1. Diet

Diet is the key to healthy well-being. That is why you need to embrace a diet high in fiber. Different medical studies show that there is a big connection between fiber and digestion. And a diet rich in legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can greatly improve your digestive system.

Fibers help to reduce the chances of constipation. They do so by keeping the food moving in the digestive system. Inappropriate digestion can lead to the onset of different digestive disorders.

Fibers can be soluble or insoluble. And all if they are relevant to your digestive system. Roughage is the common name for insoluble fiber. This kind of fiber is not digested by the body. Therefore, they help to add bulk to the stools. On the other hand, soluble fibers absorb water. As a result, they prevent stools from being watery. Examples of insoluble fibers include vegetables, wheat bran, and whole grain. Whereas soluble fibers are legumes, oat bran, seeds, and nuts.

Fatty foods are also not good for the digestive system. According to various studies from different sources, fats tend to slow down the digestion process. In the end, this can lead to constipation. However, this does not mean that you avoid fats fully. Remember, fats play a great role in the body. Therefore, reduce the amount of fat intake. Also, consider blending a fatty diet with a fiber-rich diet.

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Scheduling Your Effective Diet Plans

A good diet is functional only when you consider a schedule. Regular intake of healthy snacks will promote the health of your digestive system. Try eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day.

Water is a part of the diet. So, drink plenty of it when you can. Water is a great remedy for digestive health. And fibers absorb the water in your digestive system to create bulkier and soft stools.

Surely your goal of a healthier lifestyle goes beyond the amazing vision before you, so what are you waiting for?

Manage stress

Stress is a threat to healthy well-being. That is why there is a high need to manage stress. Prolonged events of stress can have a negative impact on your digestion. That is why there is a need to look for the perfect remedies.

The Importance of Exercising Regularly

Good exercise will help reduce constipation. Because working out keeps food moving down the digestive system. Plus, regular workouts help you to cut weight. A healthy weight is good for the proper digestive process.

Introduce probiotics and prebiotics into your diet

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Probiotics are healthy bacteria and yeast. They are naturally available in the digestive tract. These microorganisms play a critical role in the body. For example, they combat the effects of stress, poor diet, and antibiotics in the tract. As if that is not enough, probiotics help to boost your immune system. They also break down lactose as they enhance nutrient intake. Furthermore, probiotics act as supplements for IBS. Yogurt is the major source of probiotics.

Prebiotics act as food for probiotics. These foods help to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are available in vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits.

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Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other lifestyle changes to maintain digestive health. For instance, the intake of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks corrode the walls of the stomach leading to the onset of ulcers. Also, caffeinated drinks aren’t good when they are taken regularly. Other underlying conditions can result in the onset of digestive diseases. This means the elimination of these health risks is the secret to healthy digestive health.

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Your general well-being is essential for your health. And that means you need to follow all the lifestyle adjustments to keep fit. Digestive health is a major factor. Do you know that your entire body is dependent on this system to get nutrients? Therefore, it is better to keep this part of your body healthy at all times. Try out our products for healthy well-being.

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  1. Chika

    this is great, I have more information on sleep which is my main issue. but on digestive health, I had a bad experience with probiotics and a top brand at that. so I am doing most things the natural way but sleep seems to be my problem. if you have any more natural remedies for sleep please feel free to drop them for me. thank you so much. thank you so much for this information, it’s like research done for me already. 

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    This is a great article with very useful information.  Too often, people think they can just take a pill to improve their health but, as you point out, there are other important factors as well. I  have worked hard to make many of the changes you mention here but I  think I could add a probiotic as well.  Thank you for posting.

    1. Jack Butler

      Thank you again, Cynthia, for your very engaging comments within our better health for today blog, on how to keep your digestive system healthy reviews as they are a major asset for our knowledge-based decisions to move our sites forward in the most effective manners. It is always great hearing from you, sincerely, Jack

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