How to Prevent Cancer for Your Healthier Lifestyle Changes

 Preventing Cancer With The Proper Diet, And Lifestyle Changes

Cancer is a major chronic disease with enormous global effects. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates the global cancer burden has risen to 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.6 million cancer-related deaths in 2018. That poses cancer as one of the major health risks globally.

However, the good news is that up to 50% of cancer cases and deaths are preventable, thanks to technological advancements in the field of medicine, which helps in early diagnosis. Today, we highlight some of the major causes of cancer and highlight measures to prevent/ eradicate this killer disease completely. Well, let’s get started!

Exercise Regularly

Most people exercise to improve cardiovascular health, but exercising is also a major first step in combating cancer. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are the major causes of up to one-third of cancer mortalities. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day on most days of the week is a good starting point. To reap the maximum benefits, however, always aim for more than an hour a day.

A good exercising schedule should be comprehensive of both rigorous and non-rigorous activities. Brisk walking and other moderate-intensity activities form a fairly good schedule to start on.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Many cancer-causing agents are always embedded in the food we eat daily. Changing your daily eating habits will move you miles away from the risk of attracting the different types of cancer. Though formulating a daily eating routine and following a strict eating habit can be a really daunting task, here is what you need to consider;

The picture of many types of fruits and vegetables, including watermelon, bananas, and peppers.

Eat Adequate Fruits And Vegetables; Fruits And Vegetables Contain Antioxidants That Help Repair The Damaged Cells In The Body!!

Among the fruits that help prevent cancer are broccoli, carrots, berries, kales, and radishes. Broccoli contains the sulphurophane compound that has potent anti-cancer properties. Berries and cruciferous vegetables give an extra punch with enough fibers and disease-fighting phytochemicals.

Limit both processed and red meat; Vegetarians are 40% less at the risk of attracting cancer compared to the regular eaters of red meat. Fatty foods, especially red meat, boost the production of hormones and bile juice that activate carcinogenic cells. A diet with high animal fat should be avoided since it increases the risk of many types of cancer, colon cancer being one of them. Trimming the rate of fat intake is also good for a healthy heart.

Limit intake of soda and carbonated beverages; Filled with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), dyes, and multiple chemicals, soda poses a major cancer risk to humans. The major soda drawback is that they depreciate the body of its nutritional content provided by other food types while adding absolutely zero nutritional value to the body.

Avoid Grilled Meat; Although grilled meat tastes delicious, scientists have discovered that it releases carcinogen heterocyclic aromatic amines that can cause cancer. Well, grilled meat changes both the chemical and molecular structure, which can result in carcinogenic end results.

 Avoid smoking and Smoke Exposure

Smoking is the major cause of one of the most deadly types of cancer, including lung cancer. In addition, smoking is also responsible for other non-pulmonary cancers. Doing away with cigarettes is the real deal in preventing the risk of attracting cancer.

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Cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic substances that get clogged in the respiratory system including the throat and the lungs, predisposing the affected individual to the risk of cancer. Many might think that only those who smoke actively are the ones at risk of attracting cancer. However, that is not the case, since most passive smokers similarly stand a chance of being infected by the deadly disease courtesy of the passively inhaled smoke.

Always Practice Sun Safety

Skin cancer is caused by exposure to direct sunlight for long hours. It is the most common type of cancer among both women and men. It accounts for more than half of all diagnoses in cancer. Everyone runs at risk of attracting skin cancer, as long as they live under the sun.
The best and most accredited remedy for preventing skin cancer is simply avoiding the Ultra-violet (UV) rays. This
The picture of a pack of cigarettes,, illustrating a person perhaps dying form the affects.

To Be safe, And As a Major Precaution, Always Avoid Congested Areas Where People Are Smoking. If Caught In Such As a Situation, It Is Better To Move Or If Possible, Tell The Person To Put Off The Smoke!!

can be done by avoiding the midday sun between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., staying in the shade while outdoors, wearing sunglasses, and staying away from tanning beds. Covering the exposed body areas by putting on tightly woven and loose-fitting clothes also help reduce the scorch by the sun.

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Another major sun safety measure to help you prevent the risk of attracting skin cancer is to avoid skimping on sunscreen. Always use a sunscreen that is broad and has a PF of about 30. Do the same even on cloudy days.
Apply sunscreen generously all over the body and always reapply after every two hours in case you are perspiring or even swimming.

Also closely related to the natural sunlight are the sunlamps and the tanning beds. If you have been using them, it is time to change your lifestyle for the better. If it’s possible, avoid sunlamps and tanning beds to put you out of the risk circle of attracting skin cancer.

It is also good to note that while sunscreen is mandatory, it does not help prevent the risk of melanoma, a highly dangerous cancer of the skin.

Do Regular Radon Checks in Your Home

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is released from the normal and daily decay of uranium. The decay affects both the water around and the air. That poses the individuals living near the decay source to dangers of consuming the gas either in water or in the air.

Exposure to radon causes different types of cancer, including lung cancer. It is also the second major cause of cancer deaths and the leading cause of lung cancer among those who do not smoke.

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Here is what to do to prevent the risk of cancer by exposure to radon. Get a radon kit from a radon store near you. Use the radon kit to do radon checks in your home on a daily basis.

It is also good to check for radon levels even more than once a day. By doing the simple check, you rest assured that you and your family members, and even the neighbors are protected from the effects of the deadly gas.

In case radon levels are higher than normal, use the radon mitigation technologies to stabiles the levels to the normal. At the normal levels, radon gas is likely harmless and the risk of it contributing to cancer development is very low, if not none.

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Radon is a radioactive gas that is as natural as air and water, you cannot see smell, or taste it, Randon gas is formed through the natural decay of radium, in which comes from the natural decay of uranium. Unfortunately, Arizona is more known for these elements, several of the nation’s uranium mines are in this state.

Always be Weary of what you are Exposed to whether at work or at home, always be wary of the substances you are being exposed to. Chemicals at home can sometimes be very dangerous and cancerous even though they might seem just good. Most of the chemicals found in the products we handle daily, ranging from regular cosmetics to farm supplies, have been linked to cancer risks in animals.
 To better help, you separate the hazardous from the safe items, and always take time to read the labels of the branded products either at home or even at work. The simple instruction on the small container can help avoid the risk of being a victim of cancer.
Practicing good ventilation and putting on gloves together with other safety measures when handling harsh chemicals or cleaning is another way to prevent exposure to cancerous chemicals. The carcinogen hazard label on products should also help you better separate carcinogenic from non-carcinogenic products.
Seek Regular Medical Attention

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Going for regular screening and self-exams will keep you in a better place of knowing your cancer status and even help you improve. Regular checks can help you discover cancer early when it is most likely treatable.
Getting vaccinated for hepatitis B and HPV (Human papillomavirus) also helps stay safe. Hepatitis B increases the chances of getting cancer while HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that leads to cervical and other genital cancers.
Vaccination is the best remedy for such! With the rates of cancer deaths skyrocketing and new cancer infections being reported daily, we are left with no choice but to put the cancer safety and prevention measures into practice. That simply includes modifying our way of life by watching what we eat, and other lifestyle changes.

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