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Signs of a Healthy Immune System For Your Life of Wellness

The Immune System As The First Line Of Defence

Disease-causing micro-organisms are almost everywhere in the world. Therefore, no one is immune. We are all victims of today or future epidemics. But should you sit and wait for the pathogens to invade your body? Probably not. That is why medical experts are working on achieving a solution for healthy living in the disease and injury-infested world. And among the possible actions for you to take is to boost your immune response system. Signs of a healthy immune system are our first line of defense in the Trivita way.

The immune system is a sophisticated body program that helps to fight diseases and cure injuries. The method comprises different components. Both of them play an integral part in providing healthy well-being. Organs, cells, and select chemicals are involved in the entire process. The critical elements of the immune system include white blood cells, the lymphatic system, bone marrow, the spleen, the complement system, antibodies, and the thymus. Each piece plays an active role in the fight against infections.

How The Immune System Fights Microbial Infections

At birth, a child may not have experienced any kind of viral or bacterial infection. At this point, her immune system has no record of any antigen provided by disease-causing microorganisms. However, as she gets exposed to the pathogens, the immune system develops a history of the previous attacks.

The list of the microbes defeated by the immune system is kept in the white blood cells. A unit known as memory cells. These cells include the B and T-lymphocytes. By doing so, it becomes easier for the immune response to recognize these microbes in their subsequent attacks. The technique helps in the quick recognition and seizure of the pathogens before they start multiplying.

It is challenging for the memory cells to have a record of some viral infections like the common cold and flu. For that matter, the T and B-lymphocytes will be unable to record all the strains of the viruses that cause the illnesses. Therefore, making the body fight over and over again every time the common cold or flu strikes. The body is unable to create resistance or immunity against the infections in case a different virus is responsible for the attack.

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The Human Recording of Viruses

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* White blood cells

White blood cells play a role in the body’s process of fighting diseases. These cells are manufactured in the bone marrow. Also, some amount of white blood cells originate from the lymphatic system.

To identify pathogens, white blood cells move through body tissues and blood. By doing so, they gain access to every part of the body. Thereby being able to identify pathogens at early stages. Immediately a bacteria, parasite, virus, fungi, or injury is identified; white blood cells will launch an immune attack.

White blood cells comprise numerous immune cells. Among them are lymphocytes which entail natural killer cells, T-cells, and B-cells.

* Antibodies

They are essential components of the immune system. In fact, they work by destroying the chemicals released by microbes during an attack. Antibodies also fight real pathogens. This part of the immune system is active in identifying the poison or toxins released by disease-causing organisms.

The Amazing Human Immune System

The chemicals found on the surface of microbes is called an antigen. It is through the chemicals released by the microbe that antibodies detect a foreign body. After the identification of antigens, antibodies will mark the pathogen as an invader. From which active disease-fighting processes will emerge. This process involves thousands of cells, chemicals, and protein components.

* Complement system

This part of the immune system complements the work done by antibodies. Antibodies identify the invaders through the chemicals they produce. After which, a thorough process of eliminating the fungi, viruses, bacteria, or toxins starts taking place. The proteins found in the complement system also play a role in the body’s fighting process.

* Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system comprises if numerous delicate tubes networking throughout the body. This system plays different roles in the body. Here are some of the functions of the lymphatic system in the body;

– Manage the fluid levels in the body

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The fact that the tubes are spread across the body brings about a balance of fluid distribution in the body.

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This is possible due to different biological processes. That is through osmosis, diffusion, and capillarity.

– React to bacteria

The Production of White Blood cells

The lymphatic system produces white blood cells. The presence of these cells in the system helps it to identify pathogens. After which the mechanism of eliminating the microbes starts taking place. White blood cells in the lymphatic system also attack the cancer cells bringing about the normal functioning of the affected organs. Also, the lymphatic system helps counteract the operation of the body cells that can cause diseases or disorders.

– Regulates fat levels in the intestines

Fats are a structural component if the lymphatic tissue. During the formation of the system, fat is drawn from the intestines. This helps to keep the body free from the risks associated with excessive fats in the body. Cancer, obesity, heart conditions, and blood pressure are diseases related to excessive fats in the body.

A lymphatic system is a sophisticated program. It comprises different functional components. Here is what the system is made up of:

– Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are also called lymph glands. They play a crucial role in fighting pathogens by trapping microbes.

– lymph vessels

They are the tubular part of the lymph system. The lymph vessels transport the lymph fluid. This is a colorless liquid with infection-fighting agents.

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White blood cells are the main component of transportation. By passing through the tubes, the fluid is able to reach everywhere in the body. The white blood cells produced in the lymph vessel are called lymphocytes.

* Spleen

The Functions of The Spleen Include The Following:

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  • Filtering blood
  • Removal of microbes from the blood
  • Destroying worn-out red blood cells. This can result from damage or aging cells.
  • Production of lymphocytes and antibodies that help fight diseases in the body.

* Bone marrow

It is located inside bones. Has a spongy texture. Bone marrow is critical in the production of blood cells. That is the platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. These blood components play different roles in the body.

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White blood cells are part of the immune system. They identify and attack disease-causing organisms. Thus, you will be protected from these pathogens.

Red blood cells supply oxygen to all parts of the body. The cells also transport deoxygenated blood from body organs for reoxygenation.

Platelets are primary in the blood clotting process. This helps to reduce blood loss after an injury.

* Thymus

It is paramount in monitoring and filtering blood content. The thymus is also responsible for the production of T-lymphocytes, which is a component of the white blood cells.

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Watch out for the signs of a healthy immune system. A robust immune response platform is key to fighting diseases. Thereby, making it challenging for the microbes to survive in your body. As a result, you will not feel sick. The feeling of sickness is unappealing. It comes with fever, pain, and loss of appetite, among others. Aim at maintaining a steady immune response!

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