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Supplements to Boost The Immune System + More Best Rated TriVita Products

The immune system keeps an account of every activity of an invasive microbe. And it keeps a record of every germ it has ever handled. So, the immune system can recognize, recall and destroy any familiar microbe quickly once it enters the body for the second time. However, it’s only a strong immune system that can do this. That is why better health for today recommends the best Supplements to Boost the Immune System with Trivita & Amazon Herbs.

How To Build A Strong Immunity — Guide By Better Health For Today + TriVita Login

Typically, the immune system is a dense network of cells. Their major role is to protect the body against infection. Abnormalities of the immune system lead to allergic conditions, autoimmune disorders, and immunodeficiencies.

All You Need To Know About A Strong Immune System

The immune system is composed of dedicated organs, cells, and chemicals that fight infectious invaders (microbes).

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Usually, the major parts of the immune system are antibodies, the complement system, white blood cells, the spleen, the thymus, the lymphatic system, and the bone marrow. They are the components of your immune system that fight infection actively.

The Immune System And Microbial Infection

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Naturally, the immune system keeps an account of every germ it has ever defeated. This occurs in a certain type of white blood cells — B- and T-lymphocytes. Also, they are known as memory cells.

This means that they can identify, recognize and destroy a microbe quickly when it enters the body again, and before it can multiply and make you sick.

However, some infections such as the flu and the common cold can be fought many times and in different ways. This is because different viruses or varying strains of a similar type of virus can cause illnesses. It makes it hard for the body to identify a specific strain. So, catching a cold or flu from viruses doesn’t give immunity.

What Are The Major Parts of The Immune System?

The main components of the immune system include the following:

  1. Spleen.
  2. Bone marrow.
  3. Thymus.
  4. Antibodies
  5. Complement system
  6. Lymphatic system
  7. White Blood Cells

White blood cells play a role in your immune system. They’re made in your bone marrow. Typically, white blood cells are part of the lymphatic system.

The cells are carried by the blood and tissues throughout your body. This makes them capable of destroying foreign invaders that attack from any region. The invaders can be bacteria, parasites, viruses as well as fungi. When they get them, they launch an immune attack.

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Usually, the white blood cells include lymphocytes. These include the B-cells, T-cells as well as natural killer cells. Aside from that, there are many other types of immune cells.


These are elements that help the body fight microbes or toxins (poisons), that they produce. Antibodies do this by identifying antigens on the microbial surface, or in the chemicals, which they produce. Usually, they mark the microbe or toxin as foreign.

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Eventually, the antibodies mark these antigens for destruction. Naturally, there are various cells, proteins, and chemicals that take part in this attack.

Complement System

Normally, the complement system includes proteins with actions that complement the work done by antibodies.

Lymphatic system

This is a network of delicate tubes in the body. Their primary roles include:

  1. Managing the level of fluid in the body
  2. React to bacteria
  3. Deal with cancer cells
  4. Fight and destroy cell products that would otherwise result in diseases or disorders.
  5. Also, the lymphatic cells absorb some of the fats from the intestine.

What Are The Major Components Of The Lymphatic System?

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White blood cells (lymphocytes).

Lymph vessels. These are tubes that carry lymph. Usually, lymph is a colorless fluid responsible for bathing your body’s tissues. Besides, they contain infection-fighting white blood cells.

Lymph nodes. They are also known as lymphatic glands. They trap microbes


This is a blood-filtering organ responsible for removing microbes and destroying old or damaged red blood cells. Also, the spleen makes the disease-fighting components of the immune system. These include antibodies and lymphocytes.

Bone marrow

This is the spongy tissue found in your bones. Bone marrow produces the red blood cells which the body needs to carry oxygen. Also, the Bone marrow produces the white blood cells used to fight infection. Besides, they make platelets needed by the body to help your blood clot.

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These are the component of the immune system. They filter and monitor your blood content. Usually, the thymus produces a certain type of white blood cell known as T-lymphocytes.

Other Surprising Body’s Defences Against Microbes

Apart from what we have stated above, the body has other interesting ways to defend itself against microbes. These include the following:

  • The skin. It has a waterproof barrier, which secretes oil with bacteria-killing properties
  • The lungs. Usually, the mucous in the lungs traps foreign particles. Besides, there are small hairs (cilia). The hairs wave the mucous upwards until it is coughed out
  • The digestive tract. Typically, the mucous lining in the alimentary canal contains antibodies. Also, the acid in the stomach kills most microbes

What Does Fever Mean To Your Immune System Response?

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When the body temperature rises, or when you develop a fever, your immunity may be fighting infections. This is an immune system response. Certainly, a temperature rise can kill microbes. Also, fever can trigger the body’s repair process.

What Are The Common Disorders of The Immune System?

It’s normal for people to develop an over-or underactive immune system.

When your immunity becomes overactive, it can take many forms. These include the following:

Allergic diseases – These conditions are very common. They include sinus disease, asthma, allergies to foods, anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergy), medications or stinging insects, dermatitis, hay fever (allergic rhinitis), hives (urticaria), and eczema.

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Autoimmune diseases – if the immune system mounts a response against normal components of the body, the condition is considered autoimmune. Usually, autoimmune diseases range from common to rare. The conditions include autoimmune thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and systemic vasculitis.

Underactivity of the immune system is also called immunodeficiency. This condition can:

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  • Be inherited – examples of these disorders include primary immunodeficiency diseases like x-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), and complement deficiencies
  • They develop from medical treatment. This is common when you are on medications such as corticosteroids or chemotherapy
  • The result of a condition such as HIV/AIDS or certain types of cancer.
  • Usually, an underactive immune system doesn’t function properly. Instead, it makes people vulnerable to infections. This condition can be life-threatening where the cases are severe.

People who have taken an organ transplant need immunosuppression treatment. This will make sure that the body doesn’t attack the transplanted organ. It is important to take this measure to prevent possible incompatibility of the organ to the body.

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Immunoglobulin Therapy.

Immunoglobulins — also known as antibodies, are substances or practices used to treat people unable to make enough of their own. Also, people whose antibodies do not work properly can take immunoglobulins. For that reason, the treatment is called immunoglobulin therapy.


Immunization is an artificial process that works by copying the natural immune response of the body. A vaccine, which is a small amount of a specially treated bacterium, virus, or toxin is introduced into the body. Then, the body makes antibodies to the vaccine.

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Consequently, if a vaccinated person gets exposure to the actual toxin, bacterium, or virus, they won’t become sick. That is because the body recognizes it and knows how to attack it successfully. So, vaccinations are available against various diseases. These include measles and tetanus.

Typically, the immunizations you need can determine your age, lifestyle, health, and occupation.


Some health conditions or factors can make you more vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases. An example of this is premature birth or asthma. Also, lung, spleen, diabetes, heart, or kidney conditions. So, Down syndrome and HIV means that you benefit from additional or more frequent immunization.


At different ages, you need protection from various vaccine-preventable diseases. For example, children, older people, babies, and other people at risk.


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The lifestyle choices that you make can impact your immunization needs. For instance, traveling overseas to certain places, sexual activity, smoking, planning a family, and playing contact sports can expose you directly to different factors. This will mean that additional or more frequent immunizations can be very useful.


You are going to take more immunizations regularly if your work puts you into close contact with people who are more vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases. Also, immunization is essential when you expose yourself to vaccine-preventable diseases. But how are you going to achieve that alone or without any struggle?

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Probably, you don’t need to wait for immunization alone. Taking healthy Supplements to Boost the Immune System can be a great idea. This is a long-term solution to immune system disorders. What then should you do?

Supplements to Boost the Immune System — Trivita & Amazon Herbs

1. Vitamin D

It may not come as a surprise. But ever since its inception, Vitamin D has received increasing attention in recent years. This product plays a significant role in supporting your immune health. Indeed, its reputation as an immune-boosting product is well-deserved. This is a widely championed nutrient with many beneficial effects on the absorption of calcium and bone health. This is an impressive idea that vitamin D modulates both innate and adaptive immune responses.

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One of the most celebrated ways that vitamin D improves innate immunity is that it stimulates the production of antimicrobial peptides (AMP). These are endogenous antibiotics. They are secreted by different types of immune cells. The peptides display a certain range of anti-microbial and anti-viral activities.

Further, deficiencies in Vitamin D increase autoimmunity and susceptibility to colds, infections, and flu. This shows individuals with lower vitamin D levels are more vulnerable to autoimmune conditions.

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Additionally, they are more likely to develop respiratory infections than people with enough vitamin D status.

Unfortunately, factors such as time of year, limited sun exposure, regular use of sunscreen, and dark skin pigmentation show that most American adults are deficient in vitamin D. As a result, consuming dietary supplements of vitamin D or taking dietary sources of vitamin D are highly recommended—especially during the winter months.

2. Melatonin

Typically, the functioning of your innate immune system is particularly important. That is because viral strains undergo genetic mutations continuously, which enables them to avoid pre-established adaptive immune responses. Generally, when a virus is new, there is a small possibility that exposed persons will have the relevant antibodies to combat it. And that’s when the immune-boosting nutrient, melatonin comes in.

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Melatonin is an excellent hormone produced by a group of specialized cells in the brain, the pineal gland. The main role of this gland is to enhance the onset of sleep by communicating to the body when it is dark. Aside from the regulatory effects on sleep, melatonin is a powerful antioxidant. It helps you to regulate the major cellular components of the innate immune response. Certainly, this is evidenced by studies showing that:

  • Melatonin injections attract a significant increase in the number of macrophage cells
  • Supplementation with melatonin attracts an increased number of NK cells in the bone marrow
  • Also, treatment with melatonin stimulates the activity of innate immune cell
  • Melatonin facilitates sleep onset. Furthermore, it underscores its value as a dietary factor for immune boosting.

3. Curcumin

Traditionally, curcumin was known for its amazing effects on the body’s inflammatory response. Typically, curcumin is a powerful antioxidant with several research-backed health benefits. Over the past decades, studies have found that curcumin supports brain function, mental health, cardiovascular health, and immune system functions.

Although it is not touted for its immune-boosting properties, a surging number of studies have shown that curcumin modulates the growth and response of various types of immune cells. Preliminary studies have shown that supplementation with curcumin:

Enhances the responses of antibodies

Also, it promotes the immune response of lymphocytes — white blood cells.

Plus, curcumin increases B cell proliferation in the intestines

In addition to that, it reduces the expression of proinflammatory cytokines

As an excellent way to increase the level of essential nutrients in the body, taking Supplements to Boost the Immune System can be a great path to good health. That’s why Trivita & Amazon Herbs have trended recently.


The immune system is a specially intelligent part of the body playing a very excellent role. It is responsible for maintaining great health. Usually, the immune system keeps you safe from any disease and infections. It is a system that responds when the body gets invaded by unusual substances. However, the system can become overactive. This will lead to immunity fighting healthy cells, a condition called an autoimmune disorder. That’s why supplements to boost the immune system can be a great way to get the best results.

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