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Trivita Treatment For Receding Gums: Nopalea And Vital C

What is receding gum? Receding gums happen when gums get pushed back or wear away and expose delicate tissues that cover the roots of the teeth. Once the pink tissue that covers the tooth is exposed, it becomes easier for you to develop tooth-related complications. And it is an unpleasant experience. So, what is the treatment for receding gums? Also, can diet and supplement offer a solution to the condition? Learn more here!

Different factors may trigger the condition. For instance, gums may recede, especially around the tooth when it is in an abnormal position.

Like any other health problem, receding gums should not be taken lightly. Once the roots of your teeth are exposed, you risk contracting infections. Also, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss may happen.

Fortunately, early diagnosis and treatment of the problem may help to stop and further reverse the process. This process is called gum recession.

There are times when tooth recession is severe and may cause symptoms. Doctors recommend various treatments when tooth recession exhibits symptoms like pain, sensitivity, or infection. Often, tissue grafts, deep cleaning, and medications that target the infection are recommended.

7 out of 10 Americans experience receding gums. Making the condition among the common human problems.

However, the condition may progress slowly that most people don’t realize their gums are receding. Little knowledge of the condition also leads to a late diagnosis.

Before we indulge in the complexities of the condition, let’s first acquire the basic knowledge.

What are the gums?

Gums are the soft, and pink tissues that surround your teeth. Also called gingivae. In fact, these tissues offer a base of attachment to the teeth. And each gingiva or gum is available for each set of teeth. Here are the features of the gingival tissues:

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– Dense
– A good supply of blood vessels beneath mucous membrane (moist surface)
– Pink in color
– Connects the rest of the mouth lining
– Firmly attached to the jaw bone
– Tightly cover the tooth to the neck

On the other hand, receding gums happen when the dense, soft, and pink tissue that surrounds the teeth is damaged. Normally, the gums tightly cover the roots of the teeth and act as a protective layer.

And gingival recession comes in after you have lost tissues in the gum. As a result, the delicate roots of the teeth get exposed to bacteria and plaque. This can lead to tooth decay.

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What Causes Receding Gums?

Receding gums are often caused by;

Poor oral hygiene. Not brushing your teeth regularly or properly may lead to the accumulation of dirt in the mouth. This will later lead to infections that may cause receding gums. Doctors recommend brushing after every meal.
Periodontal disease. Accumulation of plaque may make the gums loosen the grip on the teeth. Also, other infections like tooth decay may cause receding gums.

Physical wear of gums. Inappropriate brushing will damage the gums. Further, using your teeth to do hard tasks like opening a bottle top will affect the gums. As a result, exposing you to conditions like receding gums.

Inflammation of the gum tissues. Inflammation may cause the gum to swell up. This may loosen the hold on the tooth.

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Hereditary. Heredity has a role in this condition. There are people whose gums are thinner and attached inappropriate to the teeth. This makes the gum easily recede under mild conditions.

Plaque build-up on the teeth causes several dental conditions. For instance, it can lead to;

Inflamed gums: Inflammation is a painful experience. This condition may lead to periodontitis. Also called gingivitis.

Periodontitis: The condition creates a space between gum and teeth. An infection of the disease will lead to loss of connective fibers plus the bone around the tooth roots. And failure to treat the problem may lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

Risk Factors That May Lead To Tooth Receding:

Recent research shows that age is a key element of receding gums. Whereby, people older than 65 years experience the condition in at least one tooth.

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Tobacco smoking.
Receding gums tend to be more prone in people who smoke tobacco and use its products.

In the majority of cases, people with thin gums tend to pass them to their offspring. And these genetic materials lead to the formation of weak gum tissues.

Diabetes increases the risk of developing receding gums.

Symptoms Of Receding Gums

Nopalea is a plant extract with anti-inflammatory responses.

The condition exposes the inner delicate regions. In return, causing the teeth to be;

-More sensitive especially to cold or heat
-The teeth appear longer with an increase in space in between.
-Tooth loss
-Bleeding gum
-Tooth decay
-Bad breath

Often, receding gums comes as a symptom of other underlying teeth problem.

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Mild gum receding doesn’t require treatment. And dentist advises on initiating preventive measures. Whereby gentle brushing acts as the major solution.

At Trivita we advocate for natural supplements. The pure botanical products will help boost your general wellbeing as well as your gum health. Here are unique supplements for your perfect oral health:

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Nopalea is a name derived from Nopal. This is a desert plant of the Cactus species. And it boasts of numerous benefits.

Nopalea is a plant extract with anti-inflammatory responses. Through its intake, you will be able to reverse all forms of inflammation of the gums.

Also, the product exhibits antioxidant properties. Any compound with the above property helps to inhibit the oxidation of free radicals. Therefore, delaying the process of aging. Remember, receding gums results from the aging process.

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Gut health is paramount to your general wellbeing.

However, you can not exclude oral health while discussing the topic. So, how can you maintain your gut health?

My Flore daily is a blend of two major ingredients. The probiotics and prebiotics.

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Probiotics are the bacteria that keep the gut healthy. Whereby their absence may trigger several infections. Whereas prebiotics promotes the growth of these beneficial microbes.

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Vitamins are key in stabilizing immunity. Vital C provides the body with easy-to-absorb vitamin C.

What foods help to develop and maintain the immune system?

Vitamins are key in stabilizing immunity. Vital C provides the body with easy-to-absorb vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential to your body in many ways. The nutrient is often found in tropical citrus fruits. For example, oranges and, lemon. As much as your body requires this nutrient, it can not produce it. Thus, there is a need to access the vitamin from the outer sources.

With a compromised immune system, your oral health will be tampered with. And you may develop bacterial, fungal, or even viral-oral infections. This may in return result in receding gums. Therefore, why wait? Opt for the Trivita’s Vital C today!


Oral hygiene is often underestimated. However, its hygiene can go a long way to help keep your entire healthy stable. You all know how to take care of teeth. For instance through gentle brushing, and flossing. Also, a healthy diet with sufficient minerals and vitamins is key. This will help you avoid conditions like receding gums. To further boost your oral health, your can opt for Trivita supplements.

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