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The body needs 20 types of amino acids to maintain better health and normal metabolism. Further, the amino acids are divided into 2 groups — non-essential (the amino acids that the body produces by itself) and essential(the ones that the body must acquire from other sources like plants and animal products). So, people get essential amino acids through food. But what are amino acids reviewing Trivita reveals more natural resources-Myohealth?

 Amino Acids: Definition, Benefits, And Natural Supplement Sources

Good dietary sources such as meat, buckwheat, eggs, tofu, soy, quinoa, and dairy.

Amino acids are compounds, which can combine to make proteins. When a person eats foods rich in protein, their digestive system disintegrates the protein into amino acids. Eventually, the body combines these amino acids in different ways to carry out metabolic functions.

Typically, a healthy body can produce the other 11 non-essential amino acids. So, these do not necessarily need to enter the body through diet and dietary supplements.

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Usually, Amino acids cause chemical reactions in the body, build muscles, prevent illness, transport nutrients, and carry out other functions. On the other hand, the deficiency in amino acids in the body can lead to a decrease in immune system performance.

Also, it attracts digestive problems. Again, it causes depression, fertility issues, slow growth in children, lower mental alertness, and many other health problems.

Each essential amino acid plays a critical role in the body. Besides, the symptoms of deficiency vary accordingly. In the meantime, we shall explore more about essential amino acids — which the body is unable to produce.

What are the Types of Essential Amino Acids?

There are 9 different types of essential amino acids. These include the following:

  • Phenylalanine
  • Isoleucine
  • Methionine
  • Threonine
  • Histidine
  • Lysine
  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Tryptophan


It plays a vital role in the building of muscle, aiding recovery from injury or surgery, maintaining bone strength, and regulating hormones, antibodies & enzymes. Also, Lysine has antiviral effects. There are few studies available on lysine deficiency. Usually, a study indicates that deficiency in Lysine can lead to stress-induced anxiety.


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High-protein foods such as chickpeas, tofu, and quinoa, contain amino acids. These facilitate growth, the creation of blood cells, and the repair of tissues. Also, it helps you to maintain the unique protective cover over nerve cells — which is known as the myelin sheath.

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Naturally, the body metabolizes histidine into histamine. This is important for immunity, reproductive health, and digestion. Another study of women with obesity and metabolic syndrome indicates that histidine supplement lowers BMI and insulin resistance. The deficiency in histidine can cause anemia, and low blood levels to appear. This condition is common among people who live with arthritis and kidney disease.


It’s necessary for healthy skin and teeth. Indeed, it is a component of collagen, tooth enamel, and elastin. Aside from that, Threonine aids in fat metabolism. And it is beneficial to people with anxiety, indigestion, and mild depression. Additionally, a 2018 study has found that threonine deficiency in fish leads to a lowered resistance to disease.


The combination of Methionine and the nonessential amino acid cysteine plays an essential role in the body’s health and flexibility of skin and hair. Also, Methionine help keeps nails healthy. It allows the body to have proper absorption of selenium and zinc and remove heavy metals — such as lead and mercury.

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This type of amino acid is vital for muscle coordination, mental focus, and emotional calm. People use valine supplements for tissue repair, muscle growth, and energy. On the other hand, the deficiency of valine causes insomnia and reduced mental performance.

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Isoleucine helps heal wounds, immune system function, regulation of blood sugar, and production of hormones. Primarily, it’s present in muscle tissue, and the product helps build a stable energy level. Older adults are more vulnerable to isoleucine deficiency compared to younger people. This deficiency causes muscle wasting and shaking.


This type of amino acid helps regulate the level of blood sugar, and the growth, and repair of muscle and bone. Besides, it is necessary for the healing of wounds and the production of growth hormones. Finally, the deficiency of Leucine can lead to hair loss, skin rashes, and fatigue.

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Some diet sodas have sweeteners with phenylalanine. This is a type of essential amino acid that aids the body in using other amino acids, proteins, and enzymes. Consequently, the body converts phenylalanine into tyrosine — which is necessary for developing specific functions of the brain.

On the contrary, the deficiency in Phenylalanine, though rare, can result in inadequate weight gain in infants. Also, it may cause fatigue, eczema, and memory conditions in adults.

Often, manufacturers use phenylalanine as the artificial sweetener aspartame. They use it to make diet sodas. However, large doses of aspartame can lead to increased levels of phenylalanine in the brain. On top of that, it may lead to anxiety and jitteriness. In the end, this can affect sleep.

People who have a rare genetic disorder known as phenylketonuria (PKU) are incapable of metabolizing phenylalanine. For that reason, they should avoid consuming foods with high levels of this amino acid.


Tryptophan is essential for proper growth in infants. Also, it is a precursor of serotonin and melatonin. Typically, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, mood, appetite, and pain. Melatonin also regulates sleep.

Aside from that, Tryptophan is a sedative. Therefore, it is used as an ingredient in products that aid in sleep. A particular study indicated that tryptophan supplements could improve cognitive energy and emotional processing in healthy women. The deficiency in Tryptophan can cause a condition known as pellagra — which can lead to skin rashes, dementia, and digestive disorders.

What Are The Most Common Roles Played By Amino Acids?

They Enhance Athletic Performance

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Taking part in athletic champions can be very competitive. Often, people from all over the world participate in athletics. However, the winner is only one — even when participants are over ten thousand. But what does the winner do that others don’t?

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Usually, winning athletes use isoleucine, leucine, and valine to improve their performance on the field. The muscle can metabolize these amino acids to provide additional energy during exercise. That makes them re-energized even after a long race. While most people withdraw from the race, experienced consumers of high-end amino acids take the lead throughout the day.

Amino Acids Reduce the Breakdown of Muscle

An unexpected loss of muscles can be worrying. They are associated with underlying causes such as mental discomfort or physical conditions. But then again, what is the best way to reduce the possible breakdown of muscles?

According to several studies, taking amino acid supplements during recovery after exercise can significantly reduce muscle damage and the soreness that comes along with it.

They Improve Liver Function

The liver is one of the most critical parts of the body. Figuratively, it is related to an industry that should never stop or develop complications. The liver does a lot of functions apart from maintaining a healthy cholesterol level in the body.

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Also, the liver regulates blood glucose. Hence, it plays a role in preventing diabetic conditions. These are just a few of all the metabolic processes initiated and managed by the liver. It’s the reason why it should never stop functioning. How then can you maintain a healthy liver?

Scientific evidence has confirmed that taking branched-chain amino acids by the mouth improves the general functioning of the liver.

What Are The Main Sources Of Essential Amino Acids

Previously, doctors believed that people eat foods that offer all 9 essential amino acids in a single meal. That was not true. Unless an individual eats dairy, tofu, meat, eggs, or foods with all the essential amino acids. Indeed, it’s necessary to combine more than two plant foods containing all the 9, such as rice and beans.

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Nowadays, that recommendation is different. Strict vegetarians or vegan diets can get essential amino acids from other plant foods throughout the day and don’t necessarily need to eat all of them in one meal.

What Foods Are High in Amino Acids?

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Because several foods are rich in amino acids, it is easy to get the required amount of nutrients. However, it is essential to note that the daily intake that is recommended by experts is different for each amino acid.

For instance, most foods from animal products provide all the essential amino acids that you need, and many other plant-based protein foods are excellent sources of amino acids. Here are five foods that serve as the best sources of dietary amino acids:


It is one of the most nutritious grains. Besides being a good source of fiber, Quinoa contains all the nine essential amino acids that the body needs from food. It has more lysine than wheat or rice — making it an ideal source of amino acids compared to other grains.


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They are an excellent source of protein. Eggs have all of the essential amino acids. Studies have shown that the body utilizes the amino acids offered by eggs better than other sources such as casein or soy.


This is a food with a high amount of tryptophan. It is necessary for healthy skin, digestion, and nerves. Also, Tryptophan helps produce serotonin — which affects mood and contributes to happiness and relaxation. Because they are high in protein, other meats are better sources of amino acids.

Cottage cheese

Each 100-gram serving of cottage cheese gives over 25% of your daily value of protein. Besides, this contains a significant amount of amino acids, including tryptophan and threonine.


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They contain a total of 17 amino acids. These include all the essential and a few non-essential ones. A particular study showed that supplementation with a cereal diet of mushrooms could help you to overcome the deficiency of lysine.


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Most types of fish have essential amino acids. On the other hand, fish provide other essential micronutrients. For instance, salmon is high in amino acids and Omega-3 — an essential fatty acid that supports the heart and other health conditions.

Legumes and Beans

First of all, legumes are a significant source of high-quality protein. About 20-45% of the leguminous protein is rich in the amino acid lysine. These include peas and beans. They contain 17-20% high-quality protein. On the other hand, lupins and soybeans offer 38-45%. The most common legumes and beans include:

  • Cooked kidney beans
  • Black beans
  • Peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Soybeans
  • Peanuts
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Edamame

How Can We Incorporate Essential Amino Acids In The Diet

Although it’s possible to have a deficiency in essential amino acids, most people get many amino acids by eating a diet that includes protein. However, meeting the body’s demand for amino acids can be challenging. Because every organ in the body needs a lot of protein to ensure cellular metabolism. That is why supplements come in.

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Myohealth is safe and healthy. It is prepared naturally by the most reputable company and has been patented to be the best supplement for amino acids.

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Taking essential amino acids is vital for good health. Primarily, eating a variety ensures that they get adequate amounts of essential amino acids. With the evolution of diet and unlimited access to different foods, it’s vital to prevent deficiency. All the same, what are amino acids that Trivita reveals as more natural resources-Myohealth?

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