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Trivita’s Migraine Supplement Remedies

What is a migraine? It is a medical condition with severe recurrent headaches that may come with other symptoms. According to experts, a sensory disorder called aura comes before the onset of the headache. So, What is Treatment For Migraine By Trivita—better Health For Today? Here is all you need to know!

A migraine is often mistaken for a headache. However, a migraine episode is far different from a headache unrelated to a migraine. A typical headache may last for maximally a few hours. But a migraine usually comes in stages and can last for several days. As a result, affecting the patient’s daily life. That is the ability to study and or work.

The effects of migraines vary from one person to another. That is depending on the range of the severity, frequency, triggers, and symptoms. There are cases when a person may experience several episodes in a week. Whereas others experience a migraine episode after interactions with the trigger.

In recent research, it is evident that more than 18% of adults experience a migraine episode at least once in three months.

The study justifies that migraine headaches happen more in the female gender than the male gender. Whereby around 17% of females experience migraine episodes as compared to the males who are at 6%.

In relation to the age, migraine episodes are more prone at the 18 to 44 years age range. In the recent past, the condition is also exhibited in children.

What’s the Symptoms For Migraine —Better Health For Today

Migraine has symptoms that tend to occur in stages. Here is the common sequence followed;

i) Before the headache: According to researchers, there are events when individuals experience symptoms before the onset of the headache. These symptoms may start within hours or days before an episode. Scientifically, the symptoms results from the changes of the sensory nerves. That is why the pre-symptoms may include physicals and aura.

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ii) During the headache: After a person experiences the symptoms, then a headache may kickstart. Often, it starts as a mild headache to severe pulsing or throbbing experience. Alongside the headache, one may experience nasal congestion, nausea, and vomiting.

iii) Resolution: After the migraine episode, tiredness and irritability may last for at least two days. Often, the period is referred to as the “migraine hangover.”

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Other Effects Include:

Head pain that may worsen during physical activity or once you strain yourself

As a result of the pain, one may fail to perform regular activities

You may experience an increase in light and sound sensitivity. This may require you to look for a quiet and darkroom.

Other symptoms may include stomachache, sweating, diarrhoea, and temperature changes.

Differences Between A Migraine And A Headache

A typical headache is different from a migraine episode. Why? Because they often have a different cause. Also, the experience far much differs from each other.

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For that matter, keeping a diary of the symptoms and signs will help in the diagnosis of a migraine episode. You can go on and keep the journal for a minimum of eight weeks. This will help to get a more accurate diagnosis. Here is how you need to keep present the record.

The time that symptoms start
The nature of the headache
How long the symptom lasts
Possible triggers of the episode
Any medication used and their effect on the migraine
Possible indicators of a migraine episode
Any other symptoms accompanying the migraine episode

Causes And Triggers of a Migraine

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Up to now, experts do not know the exact cause of migraine episodes. However, it is more associated with the factors that trigger the changes in the brain. So, what are the elements that affect the brain? Here is all you need to know.

Changes in nerve communications
Blood vessels
Genetic features
Balance of chemicals

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And the above factors are affected by hormonal changes, especially around menstruation. Also, emotional triggers such as stress can lead to a migraine episode. In addition, dietary factors like intake of alcohol, cheese, and caffeine. Further, medications like sleeping pills is also another trigger.

Trivita Supplements That Relieve Migraine

Migraine is easily solved once the causative factor is established. And you can experience migraine episodes as a result of insufficient sleep, lengthened stress, weak immune system, nerve complications, among other factors. Here we discuss the supplements that help relieve the triggers of migraine headaches.

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Enough sleep is a win against migraine episodes. Therefore, do not go for insufficient sleep.

Choose to settle for sufficient sleep. And you can achieve it by going for Adaptuit Sleep.

Anxiety and depression will drain you if you don’t manage them.

Insufficient sleep can be an underlying cause of health complications like migraines. Luckily, Adaptuit Sleep is a formula with a comprehensive blend of botanical ingredients.Anxiety and depression will drain you if you don’t manage them.

With Trivita’s sleep formula, you don’t need to worry about the presence of melatonin. Because it is not among the ingredients. Plus it acts quickly, and has unique herbal ingredients.

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Adaptuit Sleep has the following result-oriented ingredients lemon balm, ashwagandha, and passionflower.

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Stress is another causative agent of migraine flares.

As a result, you need a stress formula to keep you safe from throbbing headaches. Adaptuit is in a blend that contains L-Theanine. This is a stress reliever for centuries.

Lengthened periods of sleep can lead to other health complications too. And this should the reason for you to avoid stress.

Anxiety and depression will drain you if you don’t manage them. Remember, hormones are involved. Therefore, having too much stress is expensive health-wise.

Apart from L-Theanine, other ingredients include; Schisandra Chinensis, red grape extract 500:1, Eleutherococcus senticoccus, goji powder and Rhodiola Rosea root.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Purposely, it inhibits the oxidation of free radicals.

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There is a need to keep your immune system in check.

Remember, frequent migraine attacks may result from unstable immunity. So, how do you handle that, Vital C is a key supplement.

Vitamin C is often associated with cold. But the reality is that the vitamin has numerous benefits to the body. Therefore, no matter the situation, your body require a boost of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Purposely, it inhibits the oxidation of free radicals. For that matter, stopping inappropriate elements to find a way in the body’s vital systems. Vitamin C will help relieve migraines by boosting immunity. In return, your body will be able to eliminate the underlying cause of migraine episodes.

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This a remedy for a stable mood, cognitive performance, focus, mood, and concentration.

A migraine can destabilize how your brain works.

The use of NeuroShine will help protect the brain from health conditions.

NeuroShine is a formula that supports, promotes, and protects the development of brain cells. For effectiveness, NeuroShine has three major ingredients; Bacopa Monnieri, Pantothenic Acid, Lithium Orotate.

The use of NeuroShine will help protect the brain from health conditions. It also dictates the proper translation and transmission of chemical signals. As a result, protecting you from migraine that results from the inappropriate translation of chemical signals.


Migraines are a painful experience. As they can inhibit your daily routine. They can also act as an underlying agent to other health issues. Luckily, Trivita has anti migraine supplements for you. By identifying what triggers your migraine episodes, it becomes easier to make your choice.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the migraine treatments you listed in the article. I frequently suffer from migraines, tension headaches, and stress headaches. I get them so frequently that sometimes it’s hard to tell what the cause is from. I will look into some of these methods you have listed in the article. They don’t sound any worse than what I already take for my episodes.

  2. Hi. I have been prone to migraine headaches all my life. My mother and both sisters also had them. I think when I was in my thirties I once tried some simple headache medication when I was suffering from a migraine. Within a minute or two I threw it up and felt much worse. So after that episode, I was very skeptical about medication for this problem. Then about 10 years ago now my regular family doctor recommended that I take Aleve as soon as I feel the early indications that a migraine is coming. I quickly found success and in many ways, this has been a huge help. I know what my triggers are – lack of sleep, stress, heavy fatty foods, and motion sickness. I can so easily get motion sickness that I have to sit at the back in cinemas and when I am feeling sensitive even have to be careful turning my head suddenly. I would be interested to see whether Vertigo Relief would work for me. Thanks, Andy

  3. Hello there! This is an interesting post! I personally do not have migraines but every once in a while I can get some pretty strong headaches. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which one I have especially on my more severe days. Still, I don’t think it may have been migraines after reading through your page about the symptoms that migraines come with. I also haven’t heard of most of the supplements you suggested on your page, I will looking more into them. Thanks for compiling all of this information together. 

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