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Trivita’s Vision Guard For Healthy EyeSight

Have you ever found yourself in a dark room? That is the experience of people suffering from permanent eye damage. It is for this matter that we advocate for healthy eyesight by trying our best to support eye vision through Trivita’s Vision Guard. Apart from this Trivita’s premium product for eye care, we offer you guidelines for healthy wellbeing through lifestyle changes.

The eye is an integral part of the body. You depend on your eyesight for vision. On the other hand, vision is paramount in the decision-making process. So, 69% of the choices you will make in life are dependent on your sight. What does this mean? It is necessary for you to take all the measures required for stable health.

Your eyes depend on numerous factors. For instance, the health of your brain is relevant to your eyes; blood sugar levels will also affect your vision. So how can you go about it? Here is a guideline for healthy eyesight:

Tips To Achieve Healthy Vision

Eye problems are conditions you can face at any age. However, some eye issues go hand in hand with age. But that does not mean you must become a victim of these diseases.

If you opt to live a healthy lifestyle, this will be a narrative of others but not you. With Trivita’s guidelines for eyesight, you will age gracefully with your vision as clear as your you’re days.

Now, how can you eliminate these conditions?

* Ensure you eat a balanced diet

Your entire body depends on the food you eat for normal functioning. Therefore, deficiency of any food may have a significant impact on your general body. That includes the health of your eyes.

A healthy diet is one with all the essential nutrients. Vitamins are a primary element in the health of your eyes. You require vitamin A for clear eyesight. Vitamins B, E, K, and folic acids, among others, are necessary elements for your eyes.

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Carbohydrates are essential for your eye health. They act as a source of energy to the eye for clear vision. Proteins are suitable for your eye growth and development. They serve as structural compounds and as a source of energy. Water and minerals are vital compounds for the eye. Zinc and calcium are suitable for the eye.

Remember, diabetes can affect your eye health. For that matter, maintaining the appropriate sugar levels will secure you from the onset of diabetes and eye disorders.

* Sleep

How long do you sleep? A majority of you deny yourself enough sleep due to the day-to-day requirements. And that routine is not suitable for the health of your eyes. Not having enough sleep may affect your general body health. And this will affect your eye health and development.

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Everybody part requires rest. This is a time to rejuvenate and refresh. Remember, the body cells go through a continuous process of growth and development. After which, they grow old and may require replacement. Also, cells may be injured in the process of an injury or infection. It is at this point that rest is necessary to give a platform for rectification. Failure to which you may develop health complications, including stress and depression.

Top Eye Diseases You Need To Read About

* Macular Degeneration

Its other name is AMD. That is Age-Related Macular Degeneration. This is the most common eye disorder. According to medical reports, over 10 million US citizens are affected by this condition. This means the number of people suffering from this condition is more than that of cataract and glaucoma patients.

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The macular is the central part of the retina. And it wears out due to aging or exposure to extremes is what we call macular degeneration. Macular plays a series of tasks. Its ability to offer a central vision focus makes it possible for you to achieve the following;

  • Recognize colors
  • Read
  • Recognize faces
  • Drive a car
  • Identify details of the object’s image

* Cataracts

This is an eye condition that creates cloudy areas in the eye lens. The state stops light from getting to the retina. As a result, impairing your vision.

* Glaucoma

This health condition affects the eye’s optic nerve. If you delay seeking medical attention, it can become worse with time.

Trivita’s Vision Guard For A Long-Term Clear Vision

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Your vision is paramount to your daily life. You need to keep this part of your eye as healthy as possible. That is why at Trivita, we insist that you keep your eye or your vision for the betterment of your livelihood. It is your responsibility to keep this precious and priceless gift safe at all times. But how!

The world is full of beautiful scenarios. A majority of them will put a smile on your face. Be it watching the sunrise or as it sets. Seeing a child smile, watching a beautiful river flow down the valley, among others. All these moments confirm that vision is a gift that brings us closer to our environment. However, as days go by, you may start seeing your vision change. This may result in an effect on the period of functioning, or the exposure to adverse environments.

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As you grow older, some parts of your eyes will start wearing out. This mat has a noticeable difference in your you see.

While having eye issues, you may experience the following;

  • Difficulty reading
  • The need for more light
  • A reduction in tear production
  • Challenges doing close work
  • Changes in color perception
  • Problems with glare

All these impacts may have a toll on your daily life. That is why we say that there is nothing that equates to a life of incredible sight or vision.

Our new, improved VisionGuard is what you require to achieve a long period of stable vision. The supplement contains 16 antioxidants for clear eyesight, macular health, and peak vision. Therefore, VisionGuard will protect your precious but delicate senses. Each serving has the following:

  • FloraGLO® brand Lutein
  • Each serving has 10 mg of FloraGLO® brand Luten.
  • Zeaxanthin

Zeaxanthin is a great component of the eye. In fact, one of the three carotenoids that are available in the retina contains this element. Zeaxanthin is available in large amounts in the center of the retina. This compound absorbs harmful blue light from getting to the retina.

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This is also another element that absorbs harmful blue light rays. By doing so, it protects the retina from damages related to the absorption of these rays.

Vitamin C

Vitamin is an essential requirement. For your information, this nutrient is concentrated in all tissues of the eye. Unfortunately, this component of the eye decreases with age. As a result, compromises the normal functioning of the lenses. That is why this supplement contains vitamin c as a boost to the declining amount.

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Vitamin E

Due to exposure to different environments, your body may contain free radicals. These are chemicals whose impacts on the body can be severe. Vitamin E is thought to have antioxidant properties. This feature helps the element te eliminate free radicals.


Zinc is a necessary mineral for your vision. It has been established that high levels of zinc are available in the macular region of the eye.

The supplement also has other antioxidants like grape seed, quercetin, bilberry, and black currant.


This is a type of amino acid found in the retina. According to specialists in eye care, deficiency of taurine mag leads to photoreceptor degeneration.


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You will require two capsules of VisionGuard daily. Make sure you take this supplement with food. You can opt for one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. However, taking the two pills at once can also be applied. We always recommend that you take all medications under the doctor’s prescription. Though this supplement does not have a history of contradictions when taken with other medicines.


Numerous health conditions can affect human vision. But at Trivita, we try our level best to ensure you don’t suffer from any type of eye disorder. Our VisionGuard has proven to be the most effective supplement to boost your eye health. The dosage contains ingredients with a history of superb performances. Try out this medication today, and you will enjoy your eyesight for a long.

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