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Examples of Essential Amino Acids Revealing Better Rated Healthier Supplements

Amino acids are organic compounds. These biomolecules combine to form proteins. Therefore, amino acids are body-building blocks. They come in two forms. Essential and nonessential amino acids. Here are examples of essential amino acids on Trivita and Amazon.

After ingestion of food, the body metabolizes it into a substance that can be useful for the body. This process entails mechanical and chemical processes. Meaning, that after consumption of a protein meal, your body will convert it into an easy-to-absorb form.

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Amino acids are left once your body digests a proteinous meal. Then, your body will use the amino acid to convert it into proteins that help the body.

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Uses Of Amino Acids

Break down food

Enzymes are proteins. There are a number of enzymes that are secreted at different points in the digestive system. These enzymes act as catalysts to aid in faster digestion and absorption of food.


Growth is dependent on the division and multiplication of different cells. Muscle cells are among them.

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When muscle cells multiply and divide, growth happens. This is courtesy of amino acids.

Also, amino acids are responsible for growth through the growth hormone. Hormones will determine your height and size.

Repair body tissue

Once cells grow old and die, a replacement should take place instantly. This is to sustain life. The same happens with damaged tissues. During an infection or injury, the cells involved are damaged. As a result, there is a need for the replication of cells to repair the damaged or dead cells.

Also, excessive exercise can lead the body to start burning the muscles as an additional source of energy.

Amino acids can be energy stores

The body needs the energy to carry out any function. Thereby, insufficient carbohydrate deposits in the body can make the body look for an alternative source of energy.

Whenever you are straining yourself, for example in the event of working out more energy is necessary. If the available sugar is not enough, your body may be forced to burn the muscles as a source of energy.

Also, in the event of sickness losing appetite may be among the signs and symptoms. The event leads to the depletion of energy-based food from the diet. And your body may end up converting muscles into energy This accounts for the loss of weight when a person is fasting or sick and has a low appetite.

Classification Of amino acids available

Amino acids are primarily divided into three major groups:

  1. Non-essential amino acids
  2. Essential amino acids
  3. Conditional amino acid

Non-essential amino acids

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These are amino acids that the body can make on its own. Therefore, there is no urgency in providing the body with these nutrients. Examples of non-essential amino acids include proline, glycine, tyrosine, and aspartic acid among others.

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Conditional amino acids

Under natural circumstances, conditional amino acids are termed non-essential amino acids. However, stress or health conditions can make these amino acids essential to the body.

Examples of conditional amino acids include ornithine, tyrosine, proline, arginine, and serine among others.

Essential amino acids

Essential amino acids are necessary for the body, however, your body can not process the nutrients on its own. Meaning, that ingestion is the only way to get access to the nutrients.

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There are nine essential amino acids

1. Histidine

The above-mentioned amino acid is used in the production of histamine. This is a neurotransmitter that is paramount to your body’s digestion system, and immune system. Further, it dictates sleep-wake cycles plus it is vital in sexual functioning.

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Also, histidine helps to protect your nerve cells by maintaining the myelin sheath.

2. Isoleucine

It is a branched-chain amino acid. It plays a critical role in muscle metabolism. That is why it is highly centred on muscle tissues. Muscles help the body in movements among other functions.

Isoleucine is also important for immune functions. Therefore, insufficient isoleucine in the body can expose you to different health issues. The immune system is the first line of defence. Haemoglobin production happens in the presence of isoleucine. Remember, these are cells that help transport oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of the body. Also, the haemoglobin transports waste from the cells to the relevant areas for excretion.

Energy regulation is another function of isoleucine

3. Leucine

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Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid. It is also a critical protein synthesis element. Also, leucine is important for muscle repair. Muscles are a critical element of the human body. Leucine also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Remember, excessive sugar in the blood can trigger the onset of diabetes. Healthy blood sugar will provide a serene environment for the body to thrive. The amino acid also stimulates wound healing. Plus it produces growth hormone

4. Phenylalanine

This is a precursor for the neurotransmitters dopamine, tyrosine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Phenylalanine plays an excellent role in the formation of structures and functions of proteins and enzymes. Aside from that, this is an essential amino acid that helps with the production of other amino acids. Therefore a deficiency of Phenylalanine can have adverse effects. First of all, it can lead to the inability of the neurotransmitters to work properly. Neurotransmitters are the pathways through which nerve impulses are passed to the necessary organs for interpretation and appropriate action to be taken. Secondly, Phenylalanine deficiency can affect the production of other amino acids. This is because it is responsible for their formation.

5. Valine

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It is one of three branched-chain amino acids with an excellent function in the body. Being branched-chain means that Valine has a chain branching off to the side of its molecular structure. Aside from that, Valine helps with the stimulation of muscle growth and regeneration. As a result, a deficiency in Valine can lead to the uneven formation of muscles.

This will give room to weaker muscles. Eventually, it leads to an inability of the body to function normally. Besides, it is involved in energy production. Typically, a deficiency in this amino acid can have

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serious effects on your body’s energy formation. This can lead to the degeneration of muscles and the dysfunction of most body organs.

6. Methionine

Methionine plays an amazing role in metabolism and detoxification. Also, it is necessary for tissue growth and the absorption of zinc and selenium. On top of that, Methionine is responsible for the absorption of minerals that are vital to your health.

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Generally, a deficiency in Methionine can have a serious impact on your body. First, it affects metabolic processes. Second, a drop in the level of Methionine can cause a drop that limits the growth of tissues. On top of that, it can affect the absorption of important nutrients such as zinc and selenium.

7. Tryptophan

The amino acid is commonly associated with causing drowsiness. However, it can also serve as a balance and precursor to serotonin. Further, it regulates sleep, appetite, and mood.

8. Lysine

It is paramount to hormone and enzyme production. Also, it plays a role in protein synthesis.

9. Threonine

Threonine is the primary structure of proteins like collagen and elastin. It also acts as a factor in fat metabolism.

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Amino acids are essential to your body. You need them in adequate amounts to keep up with the demands of the body. A healthy amount of essential amino acids will promote your body’s metabolism.

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      Thank you always, Sunny, for your very engaging comments within our examples better health for today blog, on the examples of essential amino acids post, as they are a real asset to our knowledge-based decisions to move our sites forward in a more effective manner. It is always great hearing from you, sincerely, Jack

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