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Having Signs of Chronic Inflammation? “Try Trivita’s Nopalea Challenge”

Trivita’s Nopalea Challenge For Chronic Inflammation-Free Life

Inflammation is a collective term referring to the body’s defense mechanism. Through the process, your body via the immune system identifies a pathogen and launches an elimination process. After which the body will start its healing procedures. Injuries or infections can have a toil on your body. But having a well-designed inflammation process is elemental for quick healing.

The inflammation process can either be acute or chronic. This article is going to focus on chronic inflammation and its risks. Signs of chronic inflammation revealing Trivita’s Nopalea challenge are also our point of discussion. However, we can not afford to limit your knowledge consumption regarding acute inflammation. For that matter, here is all you need to know about the two biological processes.

Acute Inflammation

This is a reaction that happens after the body tissue gets damaged. The injury to the tissues or organs can result from microbial invasion, trauma, and toxins. Acute inflammation occurs rapidly. In fact, it can happen a few seconds after an injury. The duration that the process takes to become severe is also short. Acute inflammation has signs and symptoms. Fortunately, these happenings last for a few days and fade away. An example of acute inflammation includes cellulitis and severe pneumonia.

NOTE: Subacute inflammation is the maximum duration that acute inflammation lasts. Failure to heal during this time can lead to the development of chronic inflammation. Therefore, many refer to the period as the condition transitioning from acute to chronic disease. This can take approximately two to six weeks.

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Chronic InflammationBeating sleep disorders. The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

This is a lengthened acute inflammation. Doctors refer to the entire process as slow and long-term. The condition can occur for a period of months to years. Chronic inflammation is cured with respect to its intensity or severity. And, the severity of chronic inflammation depends on different factors. Discover factors that affect the strength of chronic inflammation!

Factors That Affect The Intensity Of Chronic Inflammation

– The cause of the condition

Numerous factors can trigger the body to start the inflammation processes. Injuries and infections are vital elements that catalyze the onset of inflammation. However, the body can begin the process without an underlying condition. This condition is called an autoimmune disorder.

Injuries: They result from accidents. Participating in plane crashes, road accidents, and falls can trigger chronic diseases. More so when the acute inflammation process fails to reap fruits.

Infections: Bacteria, viruses, toxins, and fungi can enter the body and create damage to the cells. These disease-causing organisms release chemicals that can temper the functioning of the body tissues. This substance is called an antigen. The organism produces it as a response to the immune system attack. Also, it protects the microbes from damage. In addition, antigen acts as an arsenal of the pathogen.

– The body’s ability to fight back

Your immune system will determine whether the acute inflammation will transition into chronic inflammation. When the body fights the infection within a short time, then the occurrence of chronic diseases reduces. However, the reluctance of your body’s defense mechanism can lead to lengthened periods of fighting infection.

Causes Of Chronic Inflammation

– Inability to destroy the cause of acute inflammation

The occurrence of inflammation is triggered by different items. For example, infections can result from fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria, among others. As the body reacts to the disease-causing organisms, other microbes resist the elimination process.

For that matter, these elements that cause diseases will stay in the body tissue and continue multiplying. The more time the bacterium remains in the body, the more it causes damage. As a result, you may experience a lengthened period of acute inflammation. Later on, you can develop chronic inflammation.

– Exposure to a particular irritant that the body’s elimination process can not identify.

Signs of chronic inflammation. The colorful illustration of a woman holding her hands in the air on the beach during sunset. Depicting the second chance.

Exposing yourself to foreign materials at a lower level can make the metabolic process of elimination challenges. Also, inhaling the irritant over a long period can cause the enzymatic processes to be unable to remove the substances.

The availability of these radicals in the body will interfere with healthy body operations. Also, the chemicals can start damaging the tissues or organs they are in conduct with. Continuous attacks can lead to the development of chronic inflammation.

– An autoimmune disorder.

This is a process where the body’s immune system identifies and views normal components as invaders. As a result, the system will launch an attack on healthy cells. The process can lead to the development of health conditions like systematic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Different factors can lead to the process of the body fighting its healthy cells. Repeated attacks by pathogens can make your immune system attack anything it comes by. This may include healthy cells. Stress is also a factor in the development of autoimmune conditions. A stressed brain may give false directions to the sensory nerves. In the end, the information may be translated, and attacks on healthy cells will eventually begin.

Sleepless nights can result from depression, anxiety, chronic pains, or tissue defects. When your body fails to get enough rest, it might start malfunctioning. The result of the inappropriate processes in the body is mistranslating the signals. After which the body may begin attacking itself.

Types of Chronic Inflammation

– Nonspecific proliferative

– Granulomatous inflammation

Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Inflammation

Numerous factors can lead to the development of chronic inflammation. Here are some of them.


As you age, the levels of some inflammatory molecules increase in the body. Specialists associate the occurrence with an increasing level of radicals in the body. This can happen due to the dysfunction of the mitochondrial. Also, visceral body fat increases as you age. The compound can make different body organs start dysfunctioning.


Obesity is a condition associated with increased body fat. The fat tissue in the endocrine organ starts secreting inflammatory mediators like multiple adipokines. This increases the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body. Increasing the chances of developing chronic inflammation.


Refined sugar, saturated fat, and trans-fats are associated can improve the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. Therefore, increased intake of these foods can lead to the development of chronic inflammation.Signs of Chronic Inflammation. The colorful illustration of a golden key overlaying the words of knowledge.

Other causes of chronic inflammation include smoking, stress, less sleep, and low sex hormones,

Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation

  • Insomnia
  • Arthralgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Body pain
  • Depression
  • Myalgia
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Gastrointestinal complications
  • Mood disorders
  • Frequent infections

Trivita’s Nopalea Drink: All You Need to Know

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Inflammation is a normal procedure. In fact, it is critical for the healing process to be effective. However, lengthened periods of the process can trigger the development of unappealing conditions. For that matter, there is a need to curb chronic inflammation for a healthy lifestyle. Trivita has a solution for you.

Nopalea is a drink scientifically proven to cure chronic inflammation. The fluid is an extract of the cacti plant. It is delicious and tasty. This makes the intake of the product an easy task.

As a 100% natural extract, the drink has no record of adverse effects on consumers. In fact, Nopalea can work as a dessert for you.

Trivita, as the leading company dealing with the product, recommends the intake of Nopalea in regard to the given directions. A few ounces of the product will nourish your body and make you live happily. The bottle of Nopalea comprises anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecules.


Dealing with chronic inflammation is strenuous. For that matter, there is a need to prevent the occurrence of the condition. Fortunately, Trivita is here to help. With Nopalea, you can live an inflammation-free life.

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