Top Home Exercise Equipment for Cardio & Body Strength

This Gym Equipment Will Reveal Your Healthier Lifestyle

Whether you are an active athlete or a fitness enthusiast, taking care of your cardiovascular health is just as vital as any other part of your body. Cardiovascular fitness coupled with body strengthening not only enhances endurance but also lowers the risk of developing heart disease. Essentially, cardio fitness increases the efficiency of vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and blood vessels by facilitating the supply of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

To enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular fitness and body strengthening, you will certainly need to work out using the right exercise tools. Here are the top home gym equipment for cardio fitness and body strengthening:

Product: Body Fitness Abdominal Training Workout Machine

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If you are searching for an inexpensive but efficient exercise kit, then look no further than this Body Fitness Abdominal Training Workout Machine by Conpog. Tailored for a conventional home gym, this machine comes with dozens of features to boost your workout sessions.

The essence of this machine is to aid you to achieve the perfect body shape within a matter of months or even weeks, by working out for only 5 minutes every day. It has up to 6 different workout modes that you can use to take your training to the next level.

What is more amazing is that it is extremely easy to use and it can help you attain your fitness goals quickly without straining too much. You can use it to develop the chest, arms, back, shoulders, and abdominal muscles in just one motion. The fact that the machine consists of wheel handles that contain elastic bands, makes it the ideal equipment for the ultimate resistance workout.

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As if that is not enough, this workout device also comes with two rubber and plastic rollers that you can use to strengthen your core muscles. Essentially, the rollers allow you to build your endurance levels by expanding your chest, back and arms. It also uses assisted bidirectional technology to work up your vital muscles without causing injury.

Another highlight of this gym machine is that it is exceptionally compact and lightweight. This means that you can take it anywhere. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, training does not stop. You can carry this machine along during your holidays or business trips and use it to work out in your hotel room.

Product: Bowflex Exceed Home Gym

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Bowflex is a household name as far as home gym equipment is concerned. The company offers a wide range of exceptional top-of-the-range fitness equipment. It is therefore not surprising that the Bowflex Xceed is one of their highly-rated flagships. This machine is compact, versatile, and efficient for the ultimate home workout experience.

The Bowflex Xceed offers over 210 pounds of resistance, ideal for body strengthening and conditioning exercises. Amazingly, you can upgrade the level of resistance to either 310 pounds or 410 pounds depending on your preferences and workout needs. Its power rod system allows you to make changes to your preferred resistance levels quickly and conveniently.

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As far as cardio fitness and body strengthening are concerned, the Bowflex Xceed is up to the task as it provides over 65 different exercises to work every part of your body. What is more amazing is that the machine also offers 7 trainers build workout regiments. All these exercises focus on building your chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abdominal muscles.

You can also customize your workout routines for more efficiency. The machine comes with multiple pulleys and cable positions that you can adjust easily to suit your custom workout needs. Moreover, its adjustable, quick-release seat consists of a high-density foam cushion for the ultimate comfort when performing intense workout routines.

In terms of durability, the Bowflex Xceed comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that retains the shape of the machine while ensuring long-lasting protection. The home gym also comes with additional accessories such as an Ab training strap, a flat bar, and a squat bar that provide for you to work up your entire body effectively.

Product: Supreme Toning Tower

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As you might be aware, muscle toning comes with dozens of health and fitness benefits. Besides improving posture and balance, toning helps strengthen the muscles and lower resting heart rate.

If you are searching for the ultimate muscle-toning equipment, then look no further than the Supreme Toning Tower. As suggested by its name, the Supreme Toning Tower is a multi-purpose fitness system designed to meet all your workout needs.

The equipment comes fully assembled with a combination of a Pilates Swing-thru bar, a trap table, and a built-in ballet barre for the perfect overall body trainer. You can use it to tone your legs, arms, and core conveniently without requiring different gym equipment. Interestingly, the package also includes an instructional DVD that you may refer to for different body-toning routines.

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Notably, the Supreme Toning Tower supports users up to 250 pounds in weight and 6 inches in height. This makes it sufficiently versatile to accommodate fitness enthusiasts of all heights and weights. What is more amazing is that the machine is adjustable. Essentially, you can adjust the toning & sculpting bars as well as the ballet barre depending on your level of athletic ability and your workout preferences.

Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight, but sturdy allowing you to carry it with you from one room to another with relative ease. You can also fold the machine in a matter of minutes for easy storage.

When it comes to durability, the machine’s construction is made up of high-quality steel that is not only resilient to weight but also resistant to corrosion. With all these features at your disposal, you can always rely on the Supreme Toning Tower for a great workout in the comfort of your home.

Product: Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

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Cycling is more than just an exciting recreational activity. It can be a mode of transport or a form of exercise. With the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike, you can enjoy the luxury of cycling while exercising at the same time. This stationary bike consists of a belt-driven mechanism and a 35-pound flywheel for smoother, quieter cycling workouts in the comfort and convenience of your home. Furthermore, the bike comes with an adjustable handlebar and an adjustable padded seat for a comfortable indoor riding experience.

The Yosuda indoor bike focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness and body strengthening, by working out your core and leg muscles. It also helps enhance heart and lung function. What is more amazing is that you can use this stationary bike to burn excess calories and lose weight for lean, well-toned muscles. All you need is a few cycling sessions on the Yosuda stationary bike to attain your weight loss goals.

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In terms of functionality, the bike comes with an LCD monitor that you can use to track the number of vital measurements such as your pulse rate, calories burnt, time, speed, and distance covered when working out. It also has an auxiliary IPAD bracket where you can mount your smartphone or music player and listen to your favorite tracks while exercising.

When it comes to safety, the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike supports a maximum user weight of up to 270 pounds. In addition, it consists of adjustable anti-skid cage pedals that keep your feet securely in place. It also has an emergency brake system that you can use to stop the flywheel instantly. What is more amazing is that the bike comes with transport wheels that you can use to move the exercise bike from room to with relative ease.

Product: Body Boss Home Gym

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This is a fully portable home workout device. It consists of resistance bands, a collapsible resistance bar, and corresponding handles. It works by combining all the vital concepts of conventional gym equipment to come up with one revolutionary workout machine. It is therefore not surprising that the BodyBoss is widely regarded as the world’s first portable home gym.

One of the most exciting aspects of this package is that it does not require substantial space. You can use it anywhere without having to reconfigure your furniture. The base is retractable and folds up easily with no tools required. The base also features non-slip, floor padding for extra comfort when working out.

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Furthermore, it is extremely versatile, and it can be used for all types of exercises. Unbelievably, the BodyBoss Home Gym offers over 300 different exercises. You may use it to work out your entire body including your shoulders, traps, upper body, chest, lats, lower back, quads, calves, arms, abs, and core.

This is made possible by the fact that the bar can rotate up to 360 degrees for smooth natural motion essential for different workout routines. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the difficulty level of your exercise by adjusting the fold-up platform accordingly.

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Take Away: Why do you need Top Home Gym Equipment?

Working outcomes with a number of health and fitness benefits. However, many people fail to leverage these benefits due to a lack of sufficient workout equipment. Nevertheless, with the emergence of different, top-of-the-range home gym equipment, you have no excuse not to exercise in the comfort of your home. You can tone and strengthen your body easily by investing in the right equipment.

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