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Blood sugar levels are a topic everyone needs to be conversant about. Why? Blood is a vital liquid in the body. This means every content that it carries around the body determines how you will feel today. Therefore, high or low levels of sugar in the blood will be risky to your well-being. Purposely, how can you keep your blood sugar levels at appropriate limits? Trivita-Blood Glucose department offers today’s tips on effective blood sugar control measures. Be our guest.

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As earlier hinted, blood is a vital liquid in the body. Your body tissues and organs depend on blood for the supply of nutrients. Also, oxygen is transported by the blood to various parts of the body. As if that is not enough, through blood, waste products are transported to the appropriate systems for excretion. These examples illustrate how important blood is to your body.

The Relationship Between Blood And Sugar

Its impacts and how to regulate

In a normal diet, carbohydrates are present. It is from these kinds of foods that your body gets energy. Whenever you eat a carbohydrate, your body will convert it into another form for energy or storage purposes. And the name of the compound formed after the digestion of starch is glucose.

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Glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream. To convert this sugar to energy there is a chemical involved. And this fluid is called insulin. It is produced by the pancreas. It is at this level that blood sugar levels are controlled.

Normally, insulin converts blood glucose into energy. Another percentage of the glucose is stored for future use. However, excessive sugar is excreted from the body. This process ensures that the glucose levels in the blood are good for your health.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with some people. And the problem comes as a result of fewer amounts of insulin. Or, dysfunctional insulin.

Impacts of high blood sugar levels on the body

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed more of how carbohydrates get into the body and converted into energy, and stored for future use. Under this sub-topic, I want you to understand more about the causes of high blood pressure and its impacts.

Insulin is the converter of glucose into usable elements. That makes it the major cause of increased blood sugar levels. But how does this happen? Here is a guideline for you!

Insulin is produced by the pancreas. And there are times when this chemical is available in smaller amounts. In this event, the available insulin may be unable to convert the available sugar in the blood into energy. This increases blood sugar levels.

The main cause of a reduction in insulin production is a condition where the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells in the pancreas. In this case, a person may develop a condition called diabetes 1.

On other occasions, there may be a release of insulin, unfortunately, it is dysfunctional. This puts a hiccup on the entire process of energy production. In the end, there will be excessive glucose levels in the blood. This is a condition doctors’ refer to as diabetes 2.

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When the blood sugar levels are high, it becomes challenging for the body to absorb glucose.

How To Control Blood Sugar Levels

You need carbohydrates in your diet. Because it is the source of energy. However, its intake needs to be in the recommended amounts. Excessive sugar in the blood can lead to several health risks. Therefore, how can you control it?

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Limit sugar intake

It all starts by limiting the intake of starch. This does not mean that this part of the diet is no longer a concern. However, excessive amounts can be poisonous.

Eating foods like corn, rice, and potatoes, among others may not be a point of concern. But the concern is on the intake of sugar-based processed foods.

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Lifestyle changes are making it almost impossible to prepare food at home. As a result, people opt for processed ready-to-eat foods. This may be a good idea for saving time. Though the main concern is the side effects of these sugary drinks and foods.

Therefore, regulate your intake of sugar-based foods. This will help lower high blood sugar.

Avoid stress

Stress can lead to the development of autoimmune syndromes. This condition may develop in organs like the pancreas. Any form of attack on pancreatic cells can lead to a decrease in insulin production. This may cause diabetes 1.

Also, stress can affect the normal functioning of the body. This may affect up to insulin. Whereby, the produced insulin may become dysfunctional. Thereby leading to high blood sugar levels.

The above illustrations imply that stress isn’t good for the body. For that reason, try as much as you can to avoid stress.


Excessive weight is associated with diabetes. Why is that so? Glucose is stored as fat. And fat deposits can not absorb or store sugar. This makes it challenging for the body to store glucose. As a result, the blood may contain high levels of sugar.

However, people with more muscles are at advantage. Because muscles act as storage of glucose. Thereby, reducing the amount of glucose in the blood after a starchy diet.

How is exercise related to sugar levels? Workouts help to break calories and fat. This provides room for the formation of muscles. As a result, reducing sugar levels in the blood.

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Now that you have pinpointed your goals to move forward use the wisdom granted for your health and wellness!!

Trivita has a solution for you. Trivita’s Glucose Health is a sugar regulator. It helps to keep the blood sugar at appropriate levels. This is an all-natural supplement from Trivita. Here are the ingredients available in the formulation.


It is an anti-hyperglycemic acid. It works towards glucose conversion. Whereby it positively affects the metabolism process.


Sarsaparilla contains saponins. It, therefore, facilitates the body’s ability to absorb phytochemicals.


It works mostly in the kidney by stimulating the organ. It is a common ingredient in the formulation of a diuretic. Also, it acts as a choleretic. This is a stimulator of the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder.


It has hypoglycemic properties

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Cassia cinnamon

Classic cinnamon promotes glucose health.

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The Bottom Line

Carbohydrates are a source of energy. However, excessive intake may lead to high sugar levels. This is risky for the body. Therefore, follow lifestyle procedures to keep your sugar levels in check. Plus, you can check out our products for glucose control.

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    If you live with any type of diabetes, it is vital that you keep your blood sugar level under control. Trivita looks promising. Now, do I have to talk to my father’s physician before I use the supplements? Also, how long do we see the result from the supplements and will it react to the metformin that he is taking? Thanks in advance! 

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