Vitamix 6500 Review: “The Healthier Way To Juice For Your Life”

The Vitamix Product Review

Vitamix 6500 Review, The Healthier Way to Juice for Your Lifestyle

Blenders have become essential countertop appliances over the last two decades. The list of tasty and healthy goodies that can be made with these tools is more than exciting: it’s incredible. From sauces to juices, burgers, and ice cream, the choice is yours. Instead of getting your blends from unreliable industrial sources, you can now make them according to your preferences, in the comfort of your own home. This is an ideal option for dynamic health-conscious individuals.

Doctors and nutritionists alike have ascertained the health benefits of drinking vitamin-filled juices at breakfast. From higher energy levels to clearer skin and stronger hair, taking fresh fruits and vegetable juices in the morning has indisputable rewards. Amazingly, an array of different recipes are available online. Some guarantee muscle development, others aid in weight management. Some even offer a fantastic, quick-to-ingest alternative to a full breakfast.

Are you more of the salty type, or a soup lover that just can’t find hours of chopping, mixing, and boiling to spare?

You are definitely not alone. Luckily, most kitchen blenders are multifunctional and are equipped to make yummy mixes that cater to all taste buds. However, few do the job better than the Vitamix 6500. In fact, the versatility of this product is what makes it stand out. This Vitamix 6500 Review highlights all you need to know about the product, what its weaknesses are and why you should consider buying it anyway.

The Vitamix 6500 in Review

Product: Vitamix 6500

C-Series with Programs Machine side view

You Are Probably Familiar With The Vitamix Name. For over a Decade, This Brand Has Been a Household Name Across America And The World. Among Vitamix’s, Most Popular Models Is The Vitamix 6500.

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Size of Container: 64 ounce

Guarantee: 7 Year Full Warranty

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

But what of the Vitamix 6500? Well, this unit is an improved version of the 6300, with more impressive features and a smarter design. Moreover, it is exceptionally powerful and has blending abilities that range far beyond the average blender. It can perform even the most challenging of blending tasks, with impressive speed. If this is not enough to convince you, consider the following list of exceptional features that Vitamin 6500 sports:

1. Smart Sizing

Are you tired of bulky, encumbering blenders? Then worry no more!

The Vitamin 6500 is a 64oz blender with a short, wide powering base. It is short enough to fit under the average kitchen cabinet but can accommodate the same volume of food or liquid as most of its competitors.

2. Ease of Cleaning

Residues from your mixes are more likely to stick to the lid of the container, or at the base of the blades. This can be a huge headache to clean up and can discourage daily blender use. Thankfully, the Vitamix 6500 is equipped with small (but powerful) blades that tilt upward for better access when cleaning. The lid of the blender comes in a simple design, which allows for swift, easy wiping, and scrubbing. This may be one of the easiest cleanups you will experience when using a blender!

3. Dependability

This is probably the strongest point of this blender: sheer horsepower. The efficacy with which it cuts through solids, blends, and combines them into a silky mix is unrivaled. Interestingly, you do not need to warm frozen food (to remove ice) for you to blend, as the unit can easily cut through ice.


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4. Variable Speed

Seasoned users are likely to enjoy being in control of their blenders. Depending on recipes, you may want to use different speeds to blend your vegetables, fruits, nuts, and liquids. Using different speeds at different blending stages is also known to improve the final results. This is where you can expect the best from the Vitamix 6500. This blender has over 10 variable speeds which the user can control at will.

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5. Reliability and Durability

This is not a product that will easily break on impact, or wear out after prolonged use. In fact, the 6500 is among the highest-ranked blenders on the durability scale. The unit is ideal for frequent, heavy-duty blending. Moreover, since the blender has such an extensive lifespan, it is undeniably a great long-run investment, which would ultimately provide a healthier way to Juice for your lifestyle

6. Pre-set functions

With the Vitamix 6500, there is no need to fumble around with unknown buttons and complicated manuals. Instead, things are made super easy by pre-installed options.

Want to make a smoothie? You only need to throw the ingredients in there and blend them according to your preferred thickness. Moreover, if you want to make a soup, you only need to throw the ingredients in the container, cover it and select the “soup” button.

In essence, by simply pressing a button, you can rest assured that Vitamix 6500 will perform all tasks required with relative ease. Moreover, many people are unsure of the speed required for blending certain recipes, like mashed potatoes or minced meat. By using the Vitamix 6500, you will get perfect results with no expertise. Additionally, the blender, which is equipped to calculate the perfect speed with which blades should cut through fruits and vegetables, will do all the hard work for you. This tool will be particularly useful to you if you are an amateur chef, as it guarantees no unpleasant surprises from a poor blending insight.

7. Exciting Add-Ons

Are you looking for more cooking inspiration? How about a free cooking book? The cooking book provided with the Vitamix 6500 provides exceptionally varied treats. These recipes are easy to execute end tasty treats that require little oil or other fats. This is a particularly exciting option for the health-conscious. It also fares well with dynamic adults, with little to no time to cook.

8. Large Container Size

It is rather pleasant to find a product of the kind which can provide portions as large as this machine can. Want 3 huge smoothie cups? No problem. Want to make frozen dessert for your entire family? Easy peasy. This blender will save you the hassle of tedious repeat processes with its large container, which can accommodate relatively big volumes. Whether you want to make soup for 4 or ice cream for 6, one button press is all you need to get it sorted out.

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9. No Air Gaps

The Vitamix 6500 is equipped with a fitting tamper that will tamp down the contents of the container while blending. That means no huge lumps, massive bubbles, and crazy messes.

Drawbacks of The Product

Let’s face it, no product lacks changeable points. In essence, It is practically impossible to find a perfect unit that can meet all your demands. However, the Vitamix 6500 may be pretty close. In order to have realistic expectations when purchasing this product, consider its following weak points:


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1. Noisiness

This one was to be expected. The more powerful a product, the more likely it is to make a lot of noise. The Vitamix 6500, with its lightning-fast blending, makes a bit of a racket! If you live in a home with young children, you must plan well before using your blender. This isn’t too much of a problem if you’re willing to have methodical blending periods.

2. No Dishwasher Use

Like many other blenders of this size, the Vitamix 6500 cannot be put in the dishwasher. Instead, some traditional hand-scrubbing may be required after every use. Thankfully, the product isn’t difficult to wash.

3. Bulky

This one is rather debatable. However, several users have argued that in spite of the blender fitting in average-sized cabinets, it is still relatively bulky. It is true that its powering base is quite wide, and with its large container, it feels pretty heavy.

4. Black Specs

Though this is a rare occurrence, it must be noted that some users of this product have reported the appearance of black specs on the blender after repeated use. While this may be due to poor washing, there is a possibility that these specs stem from an anomaly in certain products built. As no comment has been made by Vitamix to acknowledge these claims, it is uncertain whether this problem will be fixed in future models. A note of encouragement, this blender comes with a 7-year warranty.

Vitamix 6500 Review: Is blending a healthier way to juice for your lifestyle?

It is quite simply essential for all health fanatics to be equipped with a quality blender. Making your own blends and mixes has become the only viable alternative to eating ready-made concoctions due to lack of time. And let’s face it, with the modern pace of professional life, who truly has the time to make elaborate soups, sauces, and drinks solely by hand? The truth is as technology evolves to make our daily lives easier and our healthy choices more rewarding, we need to embrace the changes. This is where the use of a blender comes in.

Modern blenders operate swiftly, effectively, and with little effort on your part. These are the qualities you are guaranteed to find in the Vitamix 6500. Therefore, if you are a blending adept with health needs to fulfill and good nutritive insight, then look no further. The Vitamix 6500 is the product for you. Purchase it today for an incredible juicing experience!

The Decision Is Your’s, Willpower Over Taste, You Won Because The Taste Is a Temptation, With More Healthy Wonderful Flavors!!

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