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Collagen Supplements For A Healthy Living

Protein is essential. In fact, your body depends on protein to carry out all metabolic processes. The proteinous nutrients get named according to the tissue they make in the body. Today, we discuss collagen. That is collagen supplements by reviewing Trivita’s Life of Wellness.

Collagen is a type of protein. According to medics, this is the most abundant protein in the body. The nutrient is essential for blood clotting purposes. Also, it is available as a structural element of the skin.

Due to collagen’s numerous functions, the product is increasingly gaining popularity in different sectors. For

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example, it is among the top-selling nutritional supplements in the market today. Also, collagen is found as a beauty product. Whereby it is available in body lotions and shampoos as an ingredient.

For your incisive understanding of what collagen is, and its benefits, this article focuses on this great topic. Read on for more content!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a proteinous compound in your body. In fact, collagen is an abundant protein compound in your body. Medical experts approximate collagen amounts to be one-third of your body’s protein composition.

This proteinous component is among the major bodybuilding blocks. It is found as a structural compound in tendons, bones, ligaments, skin, and muscles. Corneas, blood vessels, and teeth are among other body parts that contain collagen.

Functions of Collagen

The body comprises of at least 16 types of Collagen. However, we will discuss the first four types of collagen. Therefore, to learn more about the main types of Collagen here is a closer look for you!

Type I


Type l collagen comprises not less than 90% of your body’s protein composition. It is made of densely packed fibers. Therefore serving majorly as a structural compound. It provides structure to tendons, cartilage, bones, teeth, fibrous, connective tissue, and skin.

Type II

Type II collagen has loosely packed fibers. As a result, the compound can easily fold and unfold. For that matter, the component is found in elastic cartilage. These cartilages serve mainly as cushions in the joints.

Type III

Type III collagen supports the structure of arteries, organs, and muscles.The colorful illustration of a golden key overlayng the words knowlege.

Type IV

Type lV collagen is found in the layers of the skin. It helps with filtration.

Collagen quality and production rate are affected by age. As you grow older, your body will start producing fewer amounts of collagen. Also, the quality of the collagen will be lower. This is evident in your skin. Whereby it becomes less firm and supple as you grow older. Cartilages also exhibit the same thing by weakening with age.

Food Compounds That Produce Collagen

Like any other body tissue, an increase in production is dependent on nutrient intake. Collagen starts as procollagen.

Procollagen is created by combining glycine and proline. These components are a type of amino acid. To make the process successful vitamin C needs to be available.

To increase the production of collagen, increase the intake of the following nutrients:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is available majorly in citrus fruits. Strawberry and bell peppers are also a source of vitamin.


The following foods contain proline: cabbage, asparagus, egg whites, dairy products, and wheat germ.


Glycine is available in the following foods: gelatin, pork skin, and chicken skin.


Cashews, sesame seeds, lentils, cocoa powder, and organ meat contain copper.

You can increase your body’s amino acid level by increasing protein intake. Seafood, legumes, poultry, tofu, and legumes contain high levels of amino acids.

Factors That Affect Collagen Production And DistributionThe colorful illustration of a woman lifting her hands in the air during the sunset on the beach. Depicting the second chance.

As earlier said, age is the main factor that affects collagen production and contribution. However, other elements can temper the amount and quality of collagen production. And a majority of these elements are related to lifestyle. Below are the collagen-destroying behaviors:

Too much intake of refined carbs and sugar

Sugar is sweet to the taste. However, the challenges that come with excessive sugar intake are many. Thereby bringing about the need for a reduction in the consumption rate of the component. When you eat too many sugary foods, you will interfere with the process of collagen production.

Too much sunshine

The sun is a natural source of vitamin D., But too much exposure to the sun can reduce the production of collagen. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun interferes with the entire process. As a result, affecting the amount and quality of collagen production.


Smoking is a unhealthy behavior. It can reduce collagen production among other biological procedures. For example, it can affect wound healing; this leads to wrinkle formation.

Trivita’s Collagen Supplements For A Life Of Wellness

Product: Trivita

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Trivita is a firm that deals with amazing products. Among them includes collagen supplements.

Collagen is a proteinous element. It is vital to your body; that is why it is available in large amounts. Trivita offers you the Multi Collagen supplement as a boost to your diet.

Multi Collagen

The product serves different functions in the body. And that includes support for hair, gut, skin, nails, and much more. This means the nutrient is found almost everywhere in the body. Therefore, starting collagen supplement intake will offer you numerous benefits.

The product contains five types of collagen. That is Collagen type I, II, III, V, and X

There are mechanisms initiated in the production of Multi Collagen to increase the absorption of the supplement. And that entails hydrolyzed peptides and proteins.

The product has 9 grams of protein, and amino acids, and it is Gluten-free. The features increase the solubility of the product.


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Best Place To Buy: Trivita

My Ratings: 4.7 of 5 Stars

Full Refund Available If Not Completely Satisfied

The product aims at improving the health of your joints. Joints are an integral part of our livelihood. For that matter, the stability of your joints is needed. The joint Complex is a combination of healthy joint nutrients.

The following are the ingredients of Joint Complex,

  • Collagen
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Bromelain
  • MSM sulfur
  • Boswellia

Joints wear down with age. This is due to exposure to everyday activities. Also, injuries increase the chances of inappropriate functioning of the joints. Plus, the raging hormones make the joints stiff. As a result, you will experience swelling in the joints. Discomfort is another symptom associated with joint diseases. Further damage can occur when there are no measures to curb the condition.

TriVita’s Joint Complex™ acts as a remedy for the condition. This is due to the fine ingredients available in the dosage. Furthermore, the product is tested for quality, effectiveness, and purity.


Collagen serves two primary functions in your body. That is support and structural functions. For that matter, the nutrient is essential for day-to-day life. And the deficiency of the compound can result in several health conditions. Therefore, order the following Trivita’s Collagen products.

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