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Healthy Living With Trivita’s My Flora Daily

Digestive health is paramount for every biological process of your body. You depend on the food you eat for different nutrients that the body uses to function properly. For instance, you can only acquire protein by investing in proteinous food. Get energy by eating carbohydrates, and develop your immunity system by including vitamins in your diet. For healthy bones, teeth, and digestive systems, you need minerals.

However, that is not the case with a person suffering from digestion disorders. Fortunately, there is a solution for such patients. That is the best prebiotic probiotic supplement by Trivita’s prebiotics namely, My Flora Daily. It is the trusted name for your healthiest lifestyle.

What Are Probiotics And Prebiotics?


Probiotics are living microorganisms that naturally occur in the digestive system. However, your body can not digest them. They help the body by aiding in the breakdown of the ingested food.

Prebiotics are a component of carbohydrates that the body can not digest. They are relevant for the provision of food and a safe environment for probiotics. Insufficiency or absence of probiotics and prebiotics will result in an indigestion problem. And you will need to boost these essential nutrients by the use of the My Flora Daily supplements, trusted within the family of Trivita, natural supplements.

The therapy that involves both prebiotics and probiotics is called microbiome therapy.

What Are Conditions That Result From Inadequate Probiotics?

Inflammation accompanied by stomach aches

– The lining of the stomach may erode when prebiotics lack food to digestThe colorful illustration of a lightbulb glowing on the statement of your knowledge is power.

Factors That Elevate Symptoms Of Digestive Disorders

– Stress

– Excessive drinking

Poor diet

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Prebiotics are fibers that your body cannot digest. Whereas probiotics are tinny living microorganisms. They include yeast and bacteria. Both probiotics and prebiotics are relevant in supporting helpful bacteria, yeast, and other organisms along the digestive tract.

For that matter, prebiotics and probiotics will support your body by maintaining and building a healthy colon. By protecting the bacteria and microorganisms of the colon. In return, you will have a strong and steady digestive system.

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Prebiotics are food components that support beneficial bacteria(probiotics) by creating a perfect environment and providing nutrients. For that reason, these good microorganisms will flourish.

What kind of foods contain prebiotics?

Probiotics, on the other hand, occur mainly in fermented foods, for instance, sauerkraut, tempeh, and yogurt.

Benefits Of Probiotics

* Digestive health

Yogurt a type of probiotic is clinically proven to support the digestive system. Your body relies on the chemical and mechanical digestive processes to obtain nutrients relevant to biological activities. This means you may lack normal body operations when your digestion track fails to perform its duties.

From the food you eat, your body will get energy, immunity, tissue repair, and development among other functions. Therefore, inadequate or the lack of any nutrients might lead to the development of diseases.

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To confirm the fact that probiotics help in digestive health, Dr. Henry Larry an expert in human anatomy made a review concerning the relationship between relieving diarrhea-related conditions and intake of probiotics. The article confirms that the intake of antibiotics while using probiotics aids in curing diarrhea as a side effect of antibiotic intake.

The very colorful illustration of delicous looking fruits and vegetablets.

Prebiotics Are Available In Fiber-Rich Foods. That Is Whole Grains, Fruits, And Vegetables

In 2016, research was done concerning the benefits of probiotic intake. And the result showed that these nutrients help prevent life-threatening diseases in preterm infants.

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* Mental health

Mental health is dependent on the inside and outside environment of your body. For that reason, there are a few research firms that say the intake of probiotics has an impact on a person’s mental health.

To challenge the previous results, a Trusted source went ahead with the research process only to find out that the intake of probiotics acts as a reliever of symptoms of depression. Though, there is still room to confirm the accuracy of the results.

However, the logic has it that there is a relationship between the brain and the gut. Therefore, an unhealthy digestive system will result in unstable brain functioning.

* Gastrointestinal health

Probiotics’ main function is to provide a safe environment for the digestive track’s good microorganisms. For that reason, the intake of probiotics will help people living with intestine and stomach disorders.

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It is clinically proven that patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), get relieved after intake of probiotics. Though, it is not clearly outlined how healing happens.

IBS is an annoying condition. We all expect to feel well after the intake of a delicious meal. But that is not the case with patients with the condition. Due to the upset symptoms that they go through after the intake of a meal, the person will prefer starving. In return, the immunity will go down leading to the eruption of many other conditions.

* General health

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General body health is something everyone needs to achieve. And to some, millions of dollars are spent trying to buy health. However, the secret of good health is found in the intake of probiotics. These nutrients will help you do away with the following conditions:

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Reduce the intake of antibiotics

Cure colds

Reduce the development of pneumonia

Cure vaginal infection commonly yeast infection


Side Effects Of Probiotics

Once these patients use the supplements, they will be at a higher risk of developing hazardous side effects.

Patients with a weak immune system are vulnerable to side effects related to the intake of probiotics.

For people with underlying medical conditions, the intake of probiotics might result in adverse side effects. Because there is little information regarding the use of probiotics, it is safe consulting with your doctor before you start using the drug.

Benefits of Prebiotics

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Prebiotics are readily available in the normal diet. For that reason, you can be healthy without the intake of supplements.

Prebiotics are a component found in some foods but the body cannot digest them. They end up staying in the gut as food for some beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. They also provide an excellent environment for these bacteria and microorganisms to flourish.

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Because prebiotics and probiotics are related, their benefits have links to each other. However, there are some advantages that are specific to the use of prebiotics. And here is all you need to know!


* They improve the absorption of calcium.

This is a mineral relevant to the strengthening of bones, teeth, and gums. Therefore, an increase in the uptake of the mineral will give you a healthy dental formula, and joints.

Prebiotics influence how long your body will take to process carbohydrates. These foods help in the production of energy for the body’s biological processes. Regulating how much time to digest and absorb this part of the diet will ensure there is no excess energy for the body or inadequate energy supply.The chalk board illustration of success and go get it.

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Prebiotics supports the growth, development, and functioning of probiotics. This enhances digestion and metabolism. Improper digestion might lead to an upset stomach and the development of intestinal diseases.

Doctors say, taking probiotics and prebiotics at the same time is not harmful. However, patients with chronic diseases or any other serious illness have to consult a physician before taking the supplements.

This Amazing Trivita Supplement is great for Gut Health as Well

Inflammation is a contender for your digestive health

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Types of Inflammation

In Conclusion

Digestion is a long process. And it is also the backbone of every biological process. Therefore, any damage to the system resulting from various conditions can result in much damage to normal body functions. For that reason, there is a need to encourage the growth and development of microorganisms that make the digestive tract healthy. The provision of prebiotics and probiotics is the solution to any condition related to gut health.

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