Health News Today Focus’s On Your Immune System

How to Keep Your Immune System in Top Shape

Diseases can change the way we live and interact with people. According to most scientific studies, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, — which are the primary disease-causing agents — seem to be mutating. That means they have been changing their structure and physiological development.

Eventually, they have been resisting various medications, making it challenging to prevent or treat them. However, there is one thing everyone is sure of. And that is the health news today focuses on your God-given immune system.

With the research focusing on flu, infections, and colds, reality will still hold that the perfect thing to do is strengthening the immunity. Contrary to the famous assumption that boosting the immune function isn’t about mega-dosing on vitamin C or drinking a lot of fresh juice. Rather, it is all about optimizing the body’s ability to fight news today. The colorful illustration of whats next in the horizon.

So as to achieve this, we need to explore the physiological systems involved in the immune responses. Also, we need to look at the essential nutrients that these systems require to be the best. This brings us to building the most reliable dietary and lifestyle habits that keep your immune system fit and able to manage stress or infection that can come on the way.

Understand the Immune System and How to Keep it Strong

The term immunity refers to the ability of the body to fight infections and diseases. These include the various micro-organisms and toxins, plus the foreign factors that may accelerate the development of the autoimmune responses or spontaneous growth of abnormal cells.

The overall nutritional status of the body, as well as the nutrients we get from the foods we eat, helps the immune system to function correctly. Usually, some of the essential nutrients involved in the immune function are a range of essential vitamins, amino acids found in protein-rich foods, as well as minerals including selenium, vitamins A, C, and E, and zinc. Also, the probiotics and prebiotics can help to keep your gut microflora healthy.

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So, the priority of everyone is to help boost their immune system while keeping themselves healthy and happy. But how can we achieve that? There are several ways to increase your body’s immune system. However, the best ones are the natural approach. Because it is highly efficient, effective, convenient, and economical. Here are great things to do!

Top-rated Ways To Boost Your Immunity

 Follow a Healthy Diet

While we think of recipes rich in vitamins when scheming on how to ward off bugs, many processed diets don’t have enough iron and zinc, which are the 2 essential nutrients that can directly support the immune function. So, if you are not allergic to eating meat, make sure that you narrow it down to lean meat at least 2 or 3 times in a way week. Plus, you need to keep on top of your iron levels.

However, vegans have a different approach to this. Adding a daily serve of iron-rich legumes can help provide your best results. Equally, you will need to go for wholegrain bread as well as cereals while eating iron-rich vegetables such as spinach together with a lot of vitamin C.

Mainly, the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C include tomato, capsicum, and sweet potato. Similarly, zinc is an essential element. And it is available in meat, shellfish, nuts, and seeds, including pumpkin seeds or pepitas. Ideally, we need to eat foods rich in zinc every day. Also, a variety of fermented meals rich in gut health — which includes cucumber pickles, coconut milk yogurt, red beets, kimchi, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar.

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Focus on Gut Health

Nowadays, people are taking a lot of antibiotics to treat different bacterial and parasitic infections. However, we understand that taking too much of these medications can affect gut health, which in turn interferes with the overall immune function. The stress of modern life is lifestyle diseases influenced by diets high in processed foods and regular use of antibiotics, which has left many people with guts that function far from normality.

So, we need to work towards better gut balance by including both pro-and prebiotics. Often, probiotics reintroduce good bacteria to the gut. These are typically found in cultured yogurts, as well as fermented drinks such as kombucha, fermented vegetables, and kimchi. Also, you may want to consider supplementary products available from your trusted manufacturers.

On the other hand, Prebiotics pass through the digestive system undigested and nourish good bacteria in the gut. Even better, eating fiber-rich foods can be a great deal. According to various studies, fiber act as a prebiotics. They include leeks, onions, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, beans, chickpeas, lentils along fiber supplements.

Noteworthy, focusing on adding probiotics and prebiotics in your daily recipes will help your gut be at its best. As you enter the flu season, you can build your life with the best products. Kefir, citrus together with fruit salad with cumin, honey, ginger as well as lemon dressing recipes can have a significant impact on your health and immune system. Actually, they are the best flu-fighter recipes for all your lifestyle experiences.

 Boost Your Vitamin C

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While many studies are linking a substantial vitamin C intake and a drop in cold-like symptoms for hundreds of years, there is no doubt that vitamin C can be useful to your health. Eating foods rich in this type of vitamin can be incredible. Ideally, foods rich in vitamin C include tomatoes, red capsicums, oranges, kiwifruit, berries, and broccoli. Mostly, they are rich in antioxidants that have positive nutritional benefits.

According to dietetic recommendations, the most acceptable daily intake of vitamin C is 40 milligrams. However, you can safely double this, with a daily serve of vitamin C recipes, especially when recovering from an infection.

 Get Back To Basics

Dehydration is a common experience that occurs during the cold season. Have you ever wondered why lips often dry during winter? But then, this is a cold season when most people drink less water than they do in winter. Essentially, water is an essential element of the body that we need to drink frequently.

During winter, there is rapid dehydration which does not only affect your immune system. But also it is the most common reason why bugs such as flu tend to stick around during the cold season. Practically, the congestion or a runny nose can be 100% worse during dehydration. So, drinking plenty of fluids is one of the most effective and most natural ways to strengthen your immune system.

Try Some Proven Remedies

Ideally, plain water, herbal teas, or pure vegetable juices are the best choices for a robust immune system. Equally essential, taking supplements can be a great way to make your immune system better and more stable. However, it’s worth noting that there are a lot of supplements that are advertised as immune boosters, yet they aren’t. However, you may want to consider science-backed products.

Supplements are a great deal to boost the immune system. Apart from being curative, most of them have preventive and immune-boosting benefits.


The best immune system is the ultimate goal of everyone. Because it is the only way of fighting infection and diseases. Certainly, the mutation of disease-causing agents has influenced the way people interact. However, if we all have a stable immune system, the viruses, bacteria, and fungi will grow weaker and easily managed. But how can we achieve that naturally?

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Those who consumed 70 grams of soluble fiber per day had LDL cholesterol levels and lower total cholesterol than those who ate their usual diet.

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  1. I needed this information today! With a family to take care of and the pandemic going on, it’s just necessary to learn this stuff. Increasing Vitamin C, Vitamins, and water has always been my go-to, but recently gut health has been a hot topic in terms of the immune system so I

    ‘m looking into it more. I’m going to look more into Noaplea.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that herbal teas are helpful for the immune system  ‘With the COVID times we are living in, this is surely something we can all do and use.  Do you think there is any difference in the health benefits weather teas are consumed hot or warm or cold?  With the season we are in, hot beverages are not as appealing as they are in the wintertime. Does any of the benefits of the tea require heat and steeping?  I love to just drop the teabag in a large glass jar of water and set in the fridge till chilled.  However, I don’t know if the health benefits are as great.  There is still a lot I need to know about eating healthy for our gut’s sake. 

    Eating healthy has been a life-long goal.  Sometimes I do better than I do other times.  However, I feel that helpful articles such as this one will help me be aware of what I can do to help my self be healthier.  Thank you for sharing your information.  

  3. It is difficult to say when the post COVID situation will come because there is no sign of the disappearance of Coronavirus, but the lockdown period will over soon. Governments of all countries will announce the post lockdown session with the aim of economic betterment and definitely it’s a matter of becoming worried for us.

    That’s the reason, Health News Today focus’s on your immune system because the only option is to increase the immunity so that our immune system can fight hard against any external enemy. Under such a situation your article is a really important one. I absolutely agree with you, inhaling natural vitamin C, Zn, and Iron really increases the immunity a lot, although we can’t forget the role of protein.

    Your article is really a highly focused and compact one about increasing immunity. Thanks for sharing this info.

  4. Timely article for me to read. I have been fighting cancer for the last few years, so a healthy diet is something I want to follow. I also am looking at making my gut healthy and will follow what you have outlined. I’ve heard vitamin C is actually strong at fighting diseases so I will be upping that for sure. 

  5. Rather an interesting post you have shared here. To be honest, I really appreciate you for sharing this here.  Our immune system deserves every bit of attention that we can give it. It is our sole claim against other external germs and diseases so it is only normal to focus on it. This is really informative and offers so much note here

  6. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I found this article useful especially in a time like this the world is been threatened with a deadly disease, hence the need to have a strong and healthy immune system is definitely Paramount. Eating a well-balanced diet and fruits to boost the immune system is very necessary for everyone to undertake

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  7. Helooo Jack, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educational article on how to boost one’s immune system. Having a strong immune is very important even in this them that we are experiencing this global pandemic. I do more of supplements intake to boost my immune system the have been proven to be effective and efficient. 

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