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The Roles of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the only known building blocks of polypeptides and proteins. Besides, they play excellent roles in metabolic pathways, gene expression, as well as cell signal transduction regulation. And any deficiency can lead to unusual development, partial metabolism, and chronic conditions. That is why you need to explore the benefits of Myohealth supplements by Trivita’s Wellness Center.

Naturally, single organic amino acid molecules contain two functional groups – amine and carboxyl. Aside from that, they have a unique side chain. The body has twenty different amino acids, where 11 are synthesized in the body, and 9 are obtained from dietary sources.

Amino Acids Benefits

The benefits of amino acids are easy to identify and name — Because without amino acids, we cannot exist. Actually, every anatomical and physiological aspect of a living organism is enhanced through the existence of amino acids. Nutritionally the synthesis of non-essential amino acids in the human body occurs through the construction of their carbon skeletons. These include alanine, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, proline, serine, and tyrosine.

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However, several studies have shown that we can benefit from the ingestion of non-essential amino acids. Potentially, this can promote optimal health and well-being.

Noteworthy, there is an excellent relationship between essential and nonessential amino acids. The rate of non-essential amino acid synthesis can only increase when there is no deficiency in the quantities of essential amino acids and glucose. So, it’s vital to supplement both types of amino acids. Also, you can consume them in the diet to realize their positive impact, if not absolutely crucial, effects.

Essential Amino Acid Benefits

The nine essential amino acids cannot be produced in the body. Yet, they are necessary for a staggering range of physiological functions.


This is a precursor to various hormones and metabolites. It’s essential to the functioning of the kidney. Also, it enhances gastric secretion, the immune system, as well as neurotransmission. Histidine helps in the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. On top of that, it catalyzes the action of several enzymes. On top of that, it assists in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant processes.

The deficiency in Histidine leads to the development of oxidative stress, anemia, kidney dysfunction, and inflammatory disorders.


This is one of the 3 branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Isoleucine helps to increase the rate of protein synthesis. Also, it promotes the formation of muscle tissues. On top of that, this element enhances the consumption of glucose, intestinal development, plus immune function. However, most studies look at BCAAs as a whole rather and not a single amino acid.

Usually, this type of amino acid plays an integral part in the division of cells and their growth. Also, it’s a major building block of growth factors. Apart from that, accelerated healing of the wounds depends on lysine-based solutes. Furthermore, it contributes to fat metabolism.

Therefore, the deficiency in Lysine can lead to anemia, slow wound healing, lower muscle mass, impaired fatty acid metabolism, and the production of defective connective tissues. However, a high level of impaired fatty acid metabolism can create neurological disturbances.


This contains sulfur, which helps in cartilage and liver health. Also, it helps in ameliorates hair structure and nail strength. However, some unusual metabolic disorders can prevent the body from utilizing methionine. In the long run, it can lead to severe liver damage through possible oxidative damage.The colorful illustraion of a woman lifting her arms during the sunset on a beach. Depicting the statement of a seconds chance.


It is a precursor of tyrosine hydroxylase — which is an enzyme that speeds up the synthesis of catecholamine. So, Phenylalanine affects mood. Also, it’s necessary for the signaling of glucose as well as the secretion of glucagon and insulin.

Phenylalanine plays a further role in the oxidation of fat. Deficiency in phenylalanine is associated with confusion, memory loss, lack of energy, and depression. Besides, taking massive doses of phenylalanine above 5,000 mg per day can be toxic, injuring the nerves.

The availability of threonine can increase the uptake of phenylalanine. Also, it influences the balance of neurotransmitters in muscle tissue production, the brain, and immune system function.

Consequently, studies have found out that babies fed by mothers taking threonine supplements have higher levels of brain glycine. Eventually, it can lead to a subsequent risk of neurotransmitter dysfunction. However, for most amino acids, there are no correct levels of supplementation yet.


This is a precursor molecule of niacin (a name given to vitamin B3), melatonin, and serotonin. Thus it is essential for sleep and mood. Tall amino acids and tryptophan codons are the best building block for proteins and polypeptide chains. Often, the lack of tryptophan is experienced as an inability to sleep. Also, it can lead to a depressive mood.

These are only 5 out of 9 Essential amino acids. Even without mentioning the benefits of others, it is evident that they cannot be ignored. For instance, brain development, enhancement of moods, and development of muscles and tissues alone are significant for development.

On the other hand, the benefits of non-essential amino acids produced by the body are equally as many as those of the essential group. However, while non-essential amino acids are made from scratch, other sources can increase their availability. For example, dietary sources can offer a more reliable and consistent effect.

So, it is important to supplement both essential and non-essential amino acids. Both of them have a significant impact on the body. And their deficiency can lead to adverse effects. That’s why it is crucial to realize the benefits of Myohealth supplements by Trivita’s Wellness Center

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Trivita is a company that has been around for decades. Surprisingly, it has maintained a robust reputation for offering quality, safe, and user-friendly supplements to its great customers. Most importantly, the company takes pride in its popular and first-patented supplement — Myohealth.

This is an excellent supplement that includes all the amino acids. It is a powdery formula that is easily soluble in water. Typically, the solubility nature of Myohealth allows one to use it while on the journey. So, it won’t interfere with your schedule.

Because there is no time that you are restricted from taking your dosage. Indeed, you can even dissolve the right dosage in water and sip it slowly throughout the day. The good news is that there are no cases of side effects. Thus, you can order for your Myohealth irrespective of age.

Benefits of Myohealth.

You need essential and non-essential amino acids to build lean muscles. These are an integral part of the body that enhances the healthy movement of fluids around the vessels.

Usually, the muscles help in daily activities. However, with time, muscles wear off. Leading to conditions such as metabolic syndrome.

Honestly, metabolic disorders can be dangerous to the body and entire lifestyle. For that reason, you need to increase the uptake of amino acids. That is why Trivita gives you Myohealth — which contains all the amino acids.

Final recommendations

Healthy living begins with the choice of your diet. That is why experts recommend that you invest in a balanced diet. Unfortunately, many challenges come with the search for balancing nutrients in the body. But then again, you don’t need to worry. Trivita gives you Myohealth with all the necessary requirements for healthy metabolic processes.

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