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Best Probiotic for Stomach Bloating (TriVita-Login-Amazon Login-Vitamix Blenders)

A bloated stomach will give you a boring day. What if this becomes your daily experience? Take the best probiotic for stomach bloating to avoid discomfort at all costs.

Bloating or abdominal distention has numerous causes. Fortunately, the gassy and bloated stomach can be resolved.

A bloated digestive tract is a regular and familiar experience for many. This means, there is no need to worry about when you are experiencing a gassy bowel. However, there is still a reason to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling. But how do you go about it?

Do Probiotics Reduce Gas Bloating?: Healthy Lifestyle Review

Many factors may trigger a bloated stomach. In some incidents, the causes are very simple. And so, they are harmless to your body. All you need to do in such a scenario is find a possible remedy for the situation.

And the major mode of treatment is the intake of over-counter medications. On many occasions, people opt for home remedies. Whereby easily available materials are used to release the tension in the stomach.

It is in rare cases where abdominal bloating may be an indication of something serious. In such cases, the condition rapidly worsens as the person experiences more uncomfortable symptoms.

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What Is A Bloated Stomach?

On many occasions, people opt for home remedies. Whereby easily available materials are used to release the tension in the stomach.

According to a clinical dictionary, “bloated” means swelling or distention. Under many circumstances, it is a term used to refer to abdominal bloating. Which in layman’s language means a distended belly.

In many scenarios, bloating is accompanied by gas that is farting or flatulence, burping also called belching, a feeling of fullness, and abdominal discomfort. When experiencing this, you always feel like everything is happening in the stomach. That is why most people refer to abdominal bloating as “bloated belly ” or “bloated stomach.”

Common Causes Of Abdominal Bloating

Increased intestinal gas
This is the common cause of a bloated belly. How does the excess gas gain access to the abdomen?

Some foods can leave you with a gassy belly. Often, this results from the metabolic activities that the food substrate undergoes during digestion. For example, some people develop a bloated belly through the intake of cooked beans.

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Also, how you eat your food may act as an entry point for excess gas in your stomach. Here are the possible causes of gas:

Accidental swallowing of air while drinking through a straw. And chewing gum can trigger excessive intake of gas.

Eating fatty food
Also, eating too fast
Consuming too much

Surgery in the pelvic region or abdominal area may result in abdominal adhesions. A perfect example is a hysterectomy.

Eating very cold or hot food
Lactose intolerance

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Feeding on food with high fiber content examples include beans, some vegetables

Celiac disease often called gluten intolerance

Intestinal disorders can be due to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) common examples of this condition include: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

Other Causes Of A Bloated Belly Include:

Indigestion: Improper breakdown of food may lead to a gassy stomach. Also, slow digestion of food may lead to increased production of gasses.

Pregnancy: During this period, there are many hormonal and enzymatic processes taking place in the body. As a result, other body systems are affected in the process. Among them is the digestive system.

Menstrual period: Like pregnancy, this is the occasion for increased hormonal production. The hormone responsible for the menstrual cycle often leads to improper digestion.

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Intake of carbonated drinks: Sodas among other carbonated drinks seem to contain a lot of gas. Excessive intake of these drinks may result in a bloated belly

Other causes of a bloated abdomen include: smoking, food allergies, hiatal hernia, constipation, H.pylori infection, gastroparesis, and gallstones

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Liver disease
Hiatal hernia
H. pylori infection (which can lead to stomach ulcers)

Types Of Foods That Cause Bloating

Fiber-rich foods. Foods with high fiber content are responsible for gassing and bloating. And this is more conspicuous in people who are not used to such foods. Luckily, frequent intake of a fiber-rich diet will improve your tolerance for such foods.

Fruits like apples, pears, apricots, prunes, and peaches can also cause you a bloated stomach.

Whole grains
Raw, cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and onions.
Dairy products
Salty foods

Natural Remedies To Relieve A Bloated Stomach

Healthy diet

As earlier indicated, excessive gas in the stomach results from what you eat. Intake of carbonated drinks will often leave you bloated. So, why hold on to it? Also, fatty foods and salty ones can cause you to bloat. For that matter, fixing yourself to a healthy diet will keep you safe from the discomfort of a bloated stomach.

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It can be much easier once you identify those kinds of food that often leave you bloated. In many instances, you can eliminate these foods from your diet. Except for the fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, regular intake of these fruits and vegetables will enhance your stomach for easy absorption.

Staying active by doing exercise will enhance the way your digestive system operates. This in return will ensure easier digestion and absorption of food, as a result, lowering the chances of gas accumulation.

Other Remedies For A Bloated Stomach:

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Avoid smoking cigarettes. Smoking will aggravate bloating.
Lower the rate of fatty food intake. This kind of diet will make you overly full.
Eat smaller portions of food if you often bloat after heavy meals.
Avoid carbonated drinks, drinking using a straw, and chewing gum if it makes you bloated
Eat slowly if you can
Reduce salt intake

Here are the homemade remedies for a bloated stomach;

Chamomile tea
Peppermint tea

Probiotics As Remedy For Bloated Stomach

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There are numerous brands of probiotics.

However, here we review only the best product. And that is My Flora Daily.

This is a TriVita product that contains both probiotics and prebiotics for your healthy digestive system. Remember, probiotics are good bacteria that help the body in different processes. On the other hand, prebiotics is the food substrate for probiotics.

Other remedies for stomach bloating include:

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This is a tropical tea with numerous benefits to the body. It has different ingredients that together work to achieve a healthy immune system. Also, the Amazon Treasure Tea has properties that help relieve digestive discomfort.

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A bloated stomach comes with its discomfort. In fact, its symptoms interfere with social well-being. Luckily you can handle this situation. You can do that through exercise, and diet, among other factors. Most importantly, try out our Trivita products.

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