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Getting a year older can be overwhelming, more so when it comes to staying fit as you were in your teenage days. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry about eating healthy and staying fit as you grow up. Staying fit has no age restriction, and it is something you can do to your last breath.

Nonetheless, maintaining consistency in physical activities and eating balanced meals is very important. Physical activities come with a lot of health benefits. These benefits include reducing heart-related problems, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Anybody above 50 is still very fit to engage in any regular exercise. This can, in turn, maintain or give you the body weight that is deemed healthy through food choice and calorie control. Before changing or starting your diet program, it is advisable to get approval from your doctor. Your medical history is equally important. If you have new healthy goals, you can include them.

So why should you consider a healthy lifestyle through fitness?

– To achieve a proper body balance
– Reduce Fatigue
– Eradicate Stiff joints and muscles
– Weight loss
– Manage Sleeping problems

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How to Live Strong at any Age, With Proper Diet and Moderate Exercise

A. Healthy Diet


You have to analyze your new diet in correlation to the intake of calories, by recording your meal intake on a regular basis.

While aging, there is a slight change in your caloric needs. According to the American Dietary Association, if a female is sedentary and is aged over 51, she’ll need 1600 calories, 2200 if she is active and 1800 if moderate.

A similarly aged male will need between 2400 and 2800 calories and 2200 to 2400 calories if he is active or moderately active respectively. Having reps at the gym that are timed is very important. This will not overwork your body, leaving you fatigued. You can choose to exercise for 20 minutes only daily since that is achievable.

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Step 2

To maintain and achieve a healthy weight at your age, you will need to adjust your levels of calories. Utilize online weight charts or enquire from your doctor to get a proper weight range. To reduce weight, you will have to reduce the consumption of junk foods like fries.

Eating healthy, regular exercise, and being positive are not the only things you need to stay healthy. Sleeping is very important for a healthy lifestyle. The body needs adequate rest and overworking the body can lead to fatigue. You can always have at least 8 hours of sleep daily to avoid your body from producing extra cortisol due to fatigue.

Step 3

As per the National Health Institute, your body requires a moderate amount of calories, and that means you have to be selective about what you eat. Breakfast needs to be interpolated with proteins such as egg whites, vegetarian bacon, or turkey. To boost digestion, you also need to consume lots of whole grains. You may choose to consume grits, brown rice, whole wheat cakes, and shredded cereals.

B. Exercising healthy

These three components are vital for you if you want to live an independent, healthy long life.

A body’s clock can be slowed down by interpolating these activities into your fitness routine every week:

– Endurance exercises.

These include swimming, cycling, and running. These activities improve metabolic rates and cardiovascular functions. Always aim at getting about an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic activities on most days totaling up to 150 minutes per week.

– Interval training.

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Rather than steady cycling or running around, you can take intensive training as an alternative. However, this should be gradual. You may start with lighter activities, as you progress to more robust activities like lifting weights. The timing of each activity is important too; you can have two minutes of intensive exercise and 5 minutes of simple exercise. In between, you should interpolate two minutes of moderate-intensity periods.

A simple way of determining if you are working hard is by talking or singing easily. If that is impossible, then you are working hard during intervals. Interpolate two days per week of the workout training routine.

– Strength training.

Muscle loss is connected with age. Both men and women lose an incredible amount of muscles as they grow older. The muscles are often replaced with fats. These fats will block the blood, hence causing heart attacks and other complications. Also, it maintains the density and strength of the bones as well as protects your joints. This helps in the prevention of fractures and improving agility and balance which is crucial as you age.

Should your routine not have strength training, you can commence by doing a set of up to fifteen repetitions that will challenge your muscle groups, including your chest, back, arms and legs. You can bench press or do squats to build on your chest and leg muscles.

Make sure at least every week you repeat these moves three to four times. If you started with a 5kg weight at the gym, you can move to 8kg the following week. A modest improvement in weight can increase mobility during exercise. To know if you are improving on your exercise journey, a written journal or an app could keep track of your achievement.

Despite having the same routine, keeping track is vital. Increasing weights will give you a challenge for your next reps, which is an important aspect. This will provide you with the strength and the perfect lean muscle which will, in turn, give your body a magnificent calorie-burning opportunity.

Down-age challenges can be solved by putting your body to extremes. Increase regular exercise and stay active. One type of activity is not enough; mix exercises to achieve your set goals, activities like hiking can be mixed with swimming for better results. If you don’t challenge yourself, you are most likely to give in to these age-related challenges.

-Step-up activity.

Living a healthy lifestyle has never been easy, but you can achieve this by improving your physical activities. Start slowly as you increase each day or even weekly. A daily session can be even less than 30 minutes as your body gets used to the physical activity. Walking is a good idea, but you can try jogging, hiking, and swimming if you intend to achieve your physical set goals.

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Nonetheless, it is essential to contact your doctor first to advise you on the activities to take as per your health concern. One advantage of vigorous exercise is that you get to achieve more significant results in a short period of time. Getting quality sleep is important too in your life. You can sleep for about 8 hours daily to avoid fatigue. Fatigue is not good for your life for it can lead to the production of cortisol which leads to stress.

Small changes are a good sign. Dropping 3% to 6% in weight through two weeks time of exercise is a significant achievement. You need to know that there are people who can achieve more with less practice, as others need vigorous exercise to achieve the same.

-Overall tips.

The Dreams of Your Life of Wellness Is Within Your Reach!!

Throughout your lifetime, you can improve or change any variables which determine your life expectancy and how vital and active you will be in the years to come. The following tips can help you live longer or healthier, only if you follow them indiscreetly.

However, regular exercise, staying positive, and sleeping for an adequate amount of time are not the only things you need to stay healthy. Your body needs a constant balance between fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Notably, you don’t need a complete overhaul of your eating habits. You can pick the best and most affordable one for you and stick to it. In essence, you should:

  •  Avoid smoking at all costs.
  •  Enjoy mental and physical activities.
  •  Your diet should be healthy and include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and more healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.
  •  Get enough vitamin D and calcium while taking a multivitamin daily.
  •  Keep your body shape and weight in check.
  •  Learn and try new things; this will boost your mind.
  •  Build a vast social network.
  •  Screening and preventive care guidelines are essential.
  •  Brush, Floss, and visit the dentist.
  •  Get medical assistance from your doctor and not the internet.

Conclusion: You Live Strong at any Age, With Proper Diet and Moderate Exercise?

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It is inevitable to come of age. However, it means nothing as much as being active is concerned. As you grow older, you start to lose mobility. The once simple tasks may become too hard to execute.

Moreover, the rate of metabolism may also be affected. As a result, there will be a massive muscle reduction, a decline in cardiovascular fitness, and slow reflexes. As much as this seems to be a doomsday talk, I have some good news: With Proper Diet and Moderate Exercise, you can rekindle your youthful life in your sunset years!

You are only required to have an actionable fitness routine and healthy diet plan, which includes all food groups.

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This article, as well as every post within our better health for today Blog, has been nothing short of an amazing growth of knowledge, for me to articulate to every single visitor that is seeking to improve or maintain their current health conditions, without the hype, of false pretenses.

Our goal is to give you the information we have to help you formulate your better health for today, through proper eating habits and exercise.

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    Hi, Jack. I’m 38 turning 39 this year and I definitely appreciate what you shared here. I hardly take care of my body and even if 50 is more than a decade away. I have a lot of takeaways from this post. I particularly like what you said about how important it is to 

    1) carefully watch our caloric intake by curating the food we eat 

    2) our body needs a constant balance of fat, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates — we really need all of these things

    3) no to smoking. yes. yes. — Lord help me. Yes.

    I just like to add how much ones social circle is also important. Hanging out with people who put a premium on exercise and health will really help give us a wellness/fitness mindset and later on lifestyle. Again, thanks for sharing!

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