Top 10 Best Foods For Weight Loss & Trivita Supplements

Top 10 Best Foods For Weight Loss & Trivita Supplements

The challenges of being obese are many. Unfortunately, adding a kilogram to your weight comes unknowingly to many. However, the journey to shed off these kilos is in many cases strenuous. But that should not discourage you on your journey of cutting down some calories. Here is the best formula for keeping that healthy weight. 10 best foods for weight loss.

We all respond differently to stimuli. And this defines why the journey of weight loss varies from one person to another. Luckily, some factors will automatically trigger the reduction of excessive weight. That is irrespective of how long it might take for your body to respond. All you need to do is hold on in there.

That is irrespective of how long it might take for your body to respond. All you need to do is hold on in there.

Patience and perseverance are essential for all in this journey of losing weight.

What Are The Risks of Having Excessive Weight?

There are limitations on the weight a person should carry. Whenever it exceeds the limits, a person is termed obese. Remember, even in your healthy weight status, different factors will determine your weight. And the factors include age, height, and genetics.

Being obese will have both social and health issues.

Social issues

An increasingly overweight body will deny you confidence. This results in low-self esteem that may come about due to stigma. Also, the feeling that you are weighty than people around you may drive some to depression.

Healthy issues

Many complications may result due to excess weight. These are the conditions you need to know about!

Diabetes: This is a condition that comes about due to improper sugar balance in the blood. Diabetes is more prone to people who are overweight due to several reasons.

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Among them is the fact that in this situation people tend to eat more and frequently. This in return increases the intake of sugar in terms of glucose. The increased level of glucose in the blood triggers the onset of diabetes.

Other Risk Factors Of Being Overweight

High blood pressure: This is a condition on the rise. It is an indication that your blood pumps at a higher pressure than the normal range. High blood pressure comes as a result of the narrowing of the blood vessels. On the other hand, blood vessels narrow down due to the accumulation of fat deposits or minerals in the lumen of the vessels. As a result, narrowing the pathway of the blood. This largely increases the pressure needed to push blood through the already narrow lumens.

Cardiovascular system complications: As the blood vessels narrow down, there is demand for more pressure to push blood throughout the body. And this pressure is created in the heart. Meaning, the more pressure your blood vessels need to circulate blood throughout the body, the more the heart is strained. Regular pumping of blood by the heart leads to the weakening of its muscles. Also, the pressure on the blood vessels may lead to their rupture among other conditions.

Stroke. The condition comes about when a region of the body or whole of it fails to receive enough blood supply. For your information, it is through the blood that your entire body gets nourishment. Therefore, failure to access enough oxygen and nutrients may trigger this condition. And this comes about as a result of the narrowing of blood vessels.

10 Best Foods For Weight Loss

1. Chia Seeds

Fiber is a key element when you want to lose weight through diet. These food substituents bring about the feeling of fullness. This is because they delay the digestion process.

Delay indigestion is important when you are cutting weight. Therefore, consuming a considerable amount of chia seeds will keep your fiber intake in check.

2. Fatty Fish

You need fats and oils in your diet. However, the kind of these essentials that you consume may either increase or reduce your weight. Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids. These acids have numerous benefits to the body. For example, they help support brain health. Further, omega-3 improves heart functioning among other metabolic functions in the body.

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Also, as a protein nutrient, intake of fish makes one feel full for long. As a result, promoting weight loss.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

This kind of vegetables includes cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, arugula, broccoli among others. These foods contain both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features. And their regular consumption helps to lower the risks of cancer among other inflammation-related conditions.

These vegetables do not contain calories. As a result, adding them to the weight loss plan is instrumental in various ways.

4. Whole Grains

A human brain prefers energy produced by carbohydrates. Therefore, the thought of not including carbohydrates in your weight loss diet is not a perfect idea. However, opt for whole-grain during the entire period. In addition to other elements of the diet like proteins, vitamins, and minerals, whole grains work as the choice for carbohydrates.

More Best Foods For Weight Loss

5. Apples

Fruits possess almost the same properties as vitamins. That is why they are primary in every diet. However, there are specific fruits that will help you in the journey of cutting weight. Apples are our choice of fruit due to their fleshy and high water content texture. Also, the fruits are easily accessible and more often affordable than other fruits.

6. Fermented Foods

Weight-related conditions often result from the digestive system. That is why you need to keep your gut health in check. Fermented foods tend to have good bacteria for the intestinal tract. A healthy alimentary canal enables the ultimate breakdown of fats. Thus, lowering calory intake.

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7. Pistachios

Nuts contain healthy fiber, fats, and protein content. These nutrients are important to the body during the journey of cutting weight. Intake of nuts will make you feel full for a long.

8. Eggs

Eggs provide a perfect protein during weight loss protocols. Eating an egg in the morning will keep your eyes off the snacks for a whole day. This keeps your diet plan well adhered to.

9. Avocados

Avocados will make you full the entire day. Therefore, its intake will enable you to keep track of your weight loss plan.

Its antioxidant properties help to inhibit the oxidation of free radicals.

10. Dark Chocolate

Many associate chocolates especially the dark ones with weight gain. However, that is not true. Intake of chocolate as a snack may put you at risk of weight gain. But once you introduce dark

chocolate as part of your diet, you will be surprised by how it will help you cut on your calories. Chocolate tends to give a satisfying feel.

Supplements To Introduce In Your Weight Loss Plan

Its intake will have other health benefits to the body like boosting the immune system.

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This is a fiber-rich drink.

Its intake will give you a feeling of fullness. And you will be surprised by how you can survive with an ounce of Nopalea for several hours

without feeling hunger.

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Additionally, Nopalea has other health benefits to the body. For example, it has anti-inflammatory features that help relieve your body from inflammation-related conditions. Its antioxidant properties help to inhibit the oxidation of free radicals.

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This is another supplement that will keep you going the whole day on your plan to cut weight. Amazon Rainforest Treasure Tea can be taken during the period of cutting weight as a way to cut down on snack intake. Its intake will have other health benefits to the body like boosting the immune system.

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Its intake will improve your immune system so that you don’t develop other conditions while cutting on calories.

You want to keep your immunity on top-notch

during the weight-loss period. How can you achieve this easily? Vital C has vitamin C that keeps the immune system stable all through. Its intake will improve your immune system so that you don’t develop other conditions while cutting on calories.

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You need cholesterol on your diet.

However, other types of this nutrient might have an opposite result of what you expect. That is why during a weight loss plan you need to avoid foods rich in cholesterol. But what will be the alternative?

Cholestria provides a solution as it has ingredients that provide a perfect alternative to the normal cholesterol often found in animals. Excessive intake of cholesterol foods will increase your weight.


Weight gain can be a great idea when you are at risk of being underweight. However, it gets to the level where even an increase in a gram of weight is not recommended. It is at this point that we advocate for weight loss. There are different ways of breaking down calories. And diet is among them. Therefore, for an easier way of achieving a healthy body try out a healthy diet.

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  1. Thank you for gathering all this important information about the best 10 foods for weight loss and your trivita supplements recommendation! I was familiar with most of them except eggs. It makes sense since they are full of proteins. My favorite of course is dark chocolate cause it is sweet!! As for the supplements, apple cider vinegar gummies are a great alternative to drinking them!! Not everyone likes the taste of it in water. Great article, I have learned a few new things and discovered new products to try for my weight management!

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